UPDATE (1/27): Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports now says that the Orioles have made an offer to Vladimir Guerrero in what he supposes is in the $3-$5 million range for one year.  Buster Olney speculated this afternoon as well that the Orioles could be a major suitor for Vlad, but at the $2 million level.

Either way, the only chance that Orioles fans will see Vlad in Baltimore this season are if he takes a major pay cut.  Here are his career stats, with his 2010 numbers located on the top as well (which were quite impressive for a guy who many thought would decline, not rise).

1/21/11 – We have heard rumors all offseason about different possible trades and acquisitions.  Some have come true, like the ongoing Kevin Gregg talks, while others have fallen through, like Jason Bartlett supposedly coming here for Reimold.  Well, the baseball media world has splashed us with yet another rumor, this time about a major hard swinging DH option: Vladimir Guerrero.

Most people saw it reported first on MLBTradeRumors.com, but they were technically just linking this report found from ESPNDeportes’ Enrique Rojas, who has the in with lots of Spanish sources:

A person close to Guerrero told Rojas that the Orioles have the inside track on signing him, but the Angels are another possibility.

That’s all that it said.  Really.

Reporters from The Sun and MASN have all shut down this rumor.  They all say that Luke Scott is tuned in to be the Orioles full time DH for the 2011 season, barring a big price drop for Vladdy.

A price drop could happen.  People are now speculating.  If he would be cheap to sign (with incentives, of course), the Orioles would have decisions to make.  Mainly, if Vlad comes here, he obviously is your DH (don’t EVER put him in the outfield, and you know this if you watched the 2010 World Series).  Then Luke Scott is either a trade chip or goes to LF.  If he goes to LF, then Reimold/Pie gives you a trade chip.

It’s a lot to think about, and most likely not worth it.  A DH rental, as it would be, for one season compared to multiple more years of Scott/Pie/Reimold seems like a joke almost, especially when this move would not make us an instant contender of sorts.

Should the Orioles chase after Vlad?


UPDATE (1/22):  Last night, Jim Bowden (with XM and Fox and who knows what else) posted this on Twitter:

Vladimir Guerrero could be one of the best FA bargains for one-year deal of off-season….getting close to accepting humbling deal w O’s

Then, of course, Jeff Zribiec of The Sun came out and said that it wasn’t true, along with MacPhail confirming through MASN’s Steve Melewski that it was “not accurate.”

Whatever is going on, I think all fans agree with me that the rumors are just fishy and not fun to deal with.  I wish the club would either sign him, or just come out saying he is definitely not signing here.  The speculation isn’t fun anymore.

Last year, MacPhail signed Tejada on the day of Fanfest, where it was then announced.  I have a feeling that this could be a delayed signing so that he could announce it there.  That, or a blown up rumor.  Either way, this week should be rumor central if no definite decision is made.

Who do you think is being honest?  The two reports saying a deal is close?  Or the Orioles sources denying those reports?


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  1. yes, his numbers are better than riemold and pie put together, plus riemold has had 3 or so years to produce……haven't yet!

  2. Nashville O's Fan

    Actually last year was Reimold's second season and he spent a good part of the year recovering from an achilles tendon injury. That said, sign Vlad and sort it out later. You can start Reimold at Norfolk and use Pie as a 4th OF.

  3. Bring on Vlad- even though the guy will be 36 and cannot run, he can flat out hit especially against lefties and his strikes out will help balance the 200 Mark will put up. Insert Vlad in the four hole and let him free swing at bad balls all the way to July, when he could bring the O's some additional prospects. Use Pie as the fourth OF to save his skin and let Reimhold work out his problems in AAA.

    • I'm all for bringing in Vlad. I don't quite understand all the hatred I'm hearing else where. Yeah, the guy's best days are behind him, but he makes this line up better.

  4. […] The rumors continue to swirl with news that the O’s are close to signing Guerrero. Various reporters have said they are close while the Baltimore Sun and MASN have backed off the story, both saying that only a price drop would land the slugger on the O’s. […]

  5. This team really knows what track they're on. I wish one year they would just keep their money in their pocket.

  6. Clark

    Are you talking about the Orioles?

    Because they've been keeping their money in their pockets for years.

    And what track are they on? What Phase of "the plan" are we in now?

  7. Clark – Did they let you out of the "Home" today? Where have you been all these years because the O's have had their money in their pockets for at least 10 years… Its ok though, go back and take your meds…

    You are correct though about the O's being on track… On track with the Pirates and Royals…

  8. IF Felix Pie makes the club coming outta Spring Training, we're staring straight in the face of 90 losses again…He's a corner outfielder without much power or speed, who can't seem to get on base…Please tell me he's not really "in the mix" for 40 ABs this coming year….Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Chew on this.

    Andy M apparently offered Vlad a one year deal at closer to $3 million than $5 million according to Kubatko. Also according to him, the offer is final and they won't budge.

    Rewind to a year ago or so. Andy M offers Garrett Atkins FOUR MILLION.

    Just think about that for a second.

    And one more thing. Vlad is looking for 2 years and while it's obvious he's not getting offers, I would still rather give him the 2 years/10 million that they shelled out to Gregg.

    But no, this organization offers him LESS than what they offered Atkins last year.

    It's mind boggling really.

    Atkins' 2009 numbers compared with Vlad's numbers 2010 numbers are so far apart that if you would pay them based on performance, Atkins would earn the league minimum and Vlad would be getting 8-10 million.

  10. Oh, and the team has to buy out Atkins for another 500 K.

  11. It was a buyout.

    His team option for 2011 was $8.5 million.

    The team isn't paying Trembley as his contract was up at the end of the 2010 season. The team exercised their option after the 09 season and it was only for the 2010 season.

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