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Wide receiver Jacoby Jones comes to Baltimore looking for a fresh start after spending five seasons with the Houston Texans.  In training camp so far, he’s caught the eye of several Ravens reporters including Kris Jones of

Jones reports that Jacoby has been determined to improve his hands this offseason and told us on the BSR Podcast (released tomorrow) that he has been impressed in what he’s seen so far.

Jacoby apparently purchased a JUGS machine after signing with Baltimore to improve upon his handwork.  The machine shoots footballs at him at 45 miles per hour from close range and helped him before he took the practice field with Joe Flacco.

What really stuck out to me about Jacoby was the message that he received from fullback Vonta Leach before signing his two-year, $7 million contract with Baltimore.

“Right before I signed, I talked to [the coaches]. Then Vonta [Leach] called me and said, ‘Just sign’ and hung up on me. I didn’t get to respond to nothing. Then I talked to Bernard [Pollard] and everything worked out for me.”

Indeed it did. Kris told the BSR Podcast that he’s pulling for Jacoby and thinks he’s got a definite chance to be a difference maker in the Ravens receiving corps.

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Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


  1. Leach has become the new Godfather and recruiter for he Ravens. You should see his stuff on Twitter. Ray Ray seems to be losing his recruiting mojo.

    • he sounds like he’s the ray lewis on the offense .. kinda refreshing seeing new determination from the other side of the ball.

  2. Ray is old and most likely washed up,,,,,,,,,,he lost weight because he was tired of getting beat by tight ends but it won’t help , he should take a secondary role this year then retire,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,don’t mess with Vonta…………..

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