Let’s say I work on a construction crew and my job is simply to mix cement. Back in the day I was a damn good mixer, everyone loved my stuff. Sometimes I have other roles and other people can mix cement, but this is basically all I do for the crew. Except now I suck at mixing cement, it’s always too dry or too watered down and I’m not getting the job done.

What do you do with a guy who has one real skill and can no longer perform? Let’s ask Jamie Walker, the left handed specialist for the Baltimore Orioles.

I don’t want to be mean, but the fact is that Jamie Walker has it made. He gets paid 4.5 million dollars, which is more than I make to mix cement, to get out the occasional left handed batter. The only problem is he’s not getting the left handed batter out, or any batter for that matter.

Walker’s ERA jumped to 5.11 after he surrendered 2 homeruns in yesterday’s 8-1 loss to the Mariners. In fact he’s given up 5 homeruns in his past 6.2 innings of work. Going into last night, left handed batters were hitting .429 off him this year with an OPS of 1.244.

So what do you do with a 4.5 million dollar specialist that can’t do his job?

…you tell me…