With the end of August fast approaching, school is starting back up around the country for college students. One face that should be familiar on the Kentucky Wildcat campus is John Wall as he is pondering going back to school while the NBA lockout continues. While some players are going overseas or pursuing other endeavors, Wall wants to work on getting his degree. Coach John Calipari has offered to let him workout with the team while in school as an added benefit. Wall has kept busy thus far with summer league games to keep in shape.

No one in Wall’s family has graduated and he could be the second one since his sister is a sophomore at this time. He wants to get a business management degree which sounds superb since he was a multimillionaire before he turned 20. Hopefully, with the business acumen, he can see scams and rip jobs and not get taken for a ride. I applaud Wall for pursuing his degree and using the time constructively as he doesn’t need the degree at this time. He is pursuing something worthwhile to him.