Matt Hendricks is one tough SOB.

During the Capitals practice on Saturday in Pittsburgh, Alex Ovechkin took a shot that bounced off the glass and struck Hendricks in the ear.

“It hit me and it was kind of surprising,” Hendricks told Mike Vogel at Dump ‘N Chase. “It felt like somebody came up and hit me in the head with a baseball bat. It stunned me.”

Pittsburgh provided a plastic surgeon to stitch Hendricks’ ear and he’s worn a ear flap over his helmet in the Capitals last two games.

“It was pretty funny once the guys started coming off the ice. Their comments weren’t too comforting. They made it sound like it was a lot worse than it really was.”

If you want to see the disgusting picture of Hendricks’ split ear, check it out after the bump.

(It’s gross… you’ve been warned)

He did however take a puck to the head during Wednesday’s 5-3 win over the Bruins, but managed to escape concussion free.