He was the talk of the town for weeks. No one could turn on talk radio with out hearing a different fan with a different opinion on the Ravens‘ veteran linebacker Ray Lewis‘ contract negotiations with the Ravens and his first experience as a free agent.

Some thought he was greedy. Others called the Ravens crazy for letting him get to this point at all.


He told the world that he was going to leave the challenge in God’s hands, which upset many from Baltimore.

DeMarcus Ware of the Cowboys talked about how Ray said it was his dream to play in Dallas, with a star on his helmet.

It is Monday morning and we’re already three full days into free agency. Two of the teams rumored to offer Lewis big contracts appear to be off the radar. The Jets took Bart Scott and the Cowboys signed Keith Brooking.

Lewis will enter his 14th year at age 34. So you’ve got to wonder, did Lewis really expect somebody to break the bank for him?

Unless something crazy happens I think the first free agency experience has been embarassing for Ray. He didn’t handle the tough questions well and maybe he thought he would be worth a little more than he really is…