As more details are released about this Rolando McClain arrest in Decatur, Alabama, the more I’m convinced that this incident is stupid, childish and ridiculous. According to the article, McClain was singled out for yelling “f’ the police!” I guess that is disorderly conduct and gets you arrested. Anyway, the story reminded me of this bit from comedian John Mulaney, who apparently conducted himself in a very similar way in high school. He, however, was able to escape arrest. Enjoy!

Warning- there is a good bit of adult language on this track. Listen at your own risk.

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  1. LOVE Mulaney… in his bit it was “F** DA PO-LICE”

  2. Close enough….. somehow in my mind, both scenarios are the same. McClain lacked a good friend to provide a distraction by throwing the bottle down on the ground.

  3. Whateve happened to 1st amendment rights? What if he said F the fire department? Wait until he says F John Harbaugh, then what? Oh, as long as he pressures the QB, he is ok. He can douse his girl with bleach and it’s ok as long as he pressures the QB. What hypocrites we are as sports fans!

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