Photo credit: Victor Decolongon/Getty Images. Spot by Uni Watch. Your potential explanations in the comments.

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  1. because he expects to give up 50 homers this season.

  2. Cause Brady said to Brian: “C’mon, we’re working out!”

  3. Just seems weird…

  4. manlove?

  5. Anderson took Matusz under his wing this offseason. They worked out together, and are still working together. Many believe his bad season last year was due in part to conditioning. Matusz feels like Anderson is his mentor.

    • So you have your mentor on your glove? What a dumb reason. I don’t have Ed on my glove. I don’t have Dink on it either! I would look foolish with Spy on my glove too…mentor…wtf? Now if Sandy Koufax or Steve Carlton was his mentor, I would understand. I still think it’s manlove.

  6. Spy has “9Incher” tattooed on his ass…

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