The Ravens completed day two of their player run practices on Tuesday at Johnny Unitas Stadium on the campus at Towson University.  Besides Ray Lewis saving the streets from crime, a popular topic among the sports talkers and on the interwebs was Jimmy Smith’s absence from the event put together by his teammates.

Smith, the Ravens first round draft pick in 2011, came to Baltimore with a number of red flags.  We’ve detailed them a lot on BSR already, but in short he’s had a few run ins with the law relating to drugs and alcohol and a few relationship problems.  Smith has told the media that he’s looking to turn the page in Baltimore and is excited to start fresh.

However, he opted not to join his new teammates for his first opportunity to play on field with them.  While a number of people will tell you that Smith is smart not to attend the practices because they are not sanctioned by the team, which means that if he were to get hurt without a contract he’d basically be out of luck, I tend to disagree with that statement.  I understand that Smith doesn’t want to get hurt without signing a contract, but the reports from Towson clearly show that no contact is being made and guys aren’t exactly moving quickly.

In my opinion, Smith has a better chance of falling out of bed in the morning and getting hurt or injuring himself in the weight room than he does at Towson University.  Though it is a risk he elected not to take.

Torrey Smith, a wide receiver out of Maryland drafted by the Ravens, finds himself in a similar situation as Jimmy, except he’s out on the field.  Just sayin’.