The John Harbaugh Doghouse is the Ravens version of a secret society not much unlike the Skull and Bones or Free Masons.  In fact I really shouldn’t even be telling about The John Harbaugh Doghouse, but it’s because former sworn member, Willis McGahee, mentioned the secret society that I am forced to share the news.

After all, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t share this information with you in an overly sarcastic manner?

“In Baltimore, me and the coach didn’t get off to a great start when he first got there,” McGahee whispered to The Denver Post.  McGahee added that he never had any doubt that he couldn’t play football.

It’s been often rumored that The John Harbaugh Doghouse exists though this is the first that time that a former member has made light of the secret society.  Other rumored members were tight end Todd Heap who mysteriously switched to more of a blocking roll under the society’s leader John Harbaugh and running back Le’ron McClain.  Both members mysteriously vanished in 2011.

Seriously though, how much credence do Ravens fans give McGahee, a guy that never performed up to his expected level when he signed with the team in 2009?  He came to Baltimore saying he was a “top five running back,” but had just one year over a 1,000 yards rushing in purple.