So last night after practice a couple of Wizards (John Wall, Lester Hudson, Nick Young, and Al Thornton) decided to have a dunk contest. There were some good dunks but Nick Young’s final dunk took the cake to win the contest, a bounce off the backboard followed by a between the legs dunk. Totally sic nasty.
Here is a look at the Wizards dunk contest in its entirety.
This preseason has been a breath of fresh air with getting back into the DC community with various community events like Midnight Madness and open practices for the fans to enjoy. It has also been nice to see the group have fun together and seem to enjoy each others company. As for season predictions, I say they get between 30-38 wins and compete for one of the last two playoff spots. With John Wall, every time I watch he is so electric and I definitely think he will do very well for a rookie and is my pick for Rookie of the Year. As for Gil, I am not sure what exactly the Wizards can get for his albatross contract but it is in his best interest to play well so he can get a chance at redemption. So let’s hear it, what did you think of the Nick Young dunk? What are the bold predictions for the Wizards this year?