This recap and analysis of WWE’s Monday Night Raw are the personal opinions of the writer.  The author of this article is a former promoter, writer, and referee in the wrestling industry.  You won’t find analysis as accurate as this anywhere else on the internet.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results 3/26/12.  Six days away from Wrestlemania.

Randy Orton and Sheamus vs. World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan and Kane w/ AJ- Daniel Bryan kisses AJ before the match starts.  They have been doing this every week on Smackdown.  Orton and Bryan tie up.  Shoulder block by Orton.  Bryan charges at him with multiple kicks.  Back body drop from Orton followed by body stomps.  Orton misses a knee to the face, and Bryan comes back with high knees.  Irish whip into the corner, but Bryan runs up the turnbuckle, flips, but is caught with an Orton clothesline.  Sheamus is tagged in.  Bryan rolls to the corner and tags Kane.  Randy Orton is trending on Twitter.  Kane and Sheamus tie up.  Kane uses uppercuts.  Sheamus comes back with a knee to the gut.  Kane uses another uppercut followed by a clothesline.  Irish whip into the corner, but Sheamus counters with a boot to the face.  Battering ram off the top rope for a near fall.  Sheamus goes for the Celtic Cross but Bryan jumps up onto the apron.  Kane sends Sheamus to the outside.  Bryan hits a running knee off the apron to the outside.  Commercial break.  Nice start to the show.  It’s a wrestling match!  And it’s longer than two minutes!  TNA take notes.  #Raw is trending on Twitter.

Back from break and Bryan is kicking Sheamus hard in the corner..repeatedly.  Bryan runs at him with a dropkick but Sheamus moves out of the way.  Hot tag to Orton.  Multiple clotheslines and a snap power slam by Orton.  Hanging DDT off the ropes.  Orton signals RKO but Kane pulls Byan out of the ring.  Orton goes to the outside and punches away at Kane.  Orton throws Kane face first into the turnbuckle.  Bryan uses a baseball slide from inside the ring which nails Orton in the face.  Kane throws Orton back in and is tagged in.  Kane punches away at Orton in the turnbuckle.  Irish whip, clothesline, two count.  Pretty standard and boring stuff here for Kane’s heat.  Chin lock.  Just because Kane wasn’t making it boring enough.  Orton fights out but is Irish whipped to the corner.  Orton counters with a boot to the face but is caught in a side slam when he runs at Kane.  Kane comes off the top rope with a clothesline.  He signals for the chokeslam.

Orton dropkicks Kane in the face.  Hot tag to Sheamus, tag to Bryan.  Lot’s of clotheslines followed by the Irish Curse Backbreaker.  Kane comes into the ring but is met by Orton.  Kane is tossed to the outside.  Orton follows him out and goes for an RKO on the mat.  Kane sends him face first into the turnbuckle.  Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick on Bryan, but AJ gets in the way.  She stands in front of Bryan.  Kane grabs Sheamus from the apron and hits a chokeslam.  Bryan covers Sheamus for the win.  Instead of thanking or celebrating with AJ, he immediately jumps up on the turnbuckle and yells “Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes.”  Solid match.  Good start to the show.  That’s not a good sign for Bryan that he just went over in this match.  I’ll literally cry if he drops the title.  My predictions are at the bottom of this recap.  The stuff with Bryan and AJ gets better and better every week.  He’s the best in the world.  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!!! World Heavyweight Champion!!!!

Michael Cole is in the ring with a Team Johnny shirt.  He says he has been named the official commentator for Team Johnny at Wrestlemania.  Cole introduces John Laurinaitis.  Laurinaitis introduces the official flag bearer for Team Johnny, Vickie Guerrero.  Laurinaitis then introduces his team captain, David Otunga.  Otunga comes out with a black robe, poses, and has a half cut Team Johnny shirt on.  If you don’t follow Otunga on Twitter you need to.  His new law advice that he gives to people is the most entertaining thing on Twitter.  Booker T, who is on commentary tonight, grabs a microphone.  He names himself the official commentator for Team Teddy.  Booker then introduces Teddy Long.  When Booker T tries to tell everyone that he’s the official commentator, he can’t spit it out….as usual.  He really sounded like an idiot.  Reminded me of Lou on the Celebrity Apprentice.  Teddy Long introduces team captain Santino Marella.  Hornswoggle comes out with him with a flag.

David Otunga vs. United States Champion Santino Marella- Santino starts with a side headlock.  Irish whip and a shoulder block by Otunga.  The #1 trend worldwide on Twitter is Michael Cole.  Santino goes for a shoulder block but Otunga doesn’t budge.  He goes for another shoulder block but instead drops down with a drop toe hold.  He sends Otunga into the turnbuckle.  He runs at him in the other turnbuckle but is hit with a clothesline.  Otunga grabs the Team Johnny flag and waives it in the middle of the ring.  For no reason.  Other than to bring about the finish.  Which looks incredibly predetermined.  Hornswoggle runs in the ring and waives his flag.  Santino puts on the Cobra glove and hits Otunga with it.  That’s the match.  Santino wins.  Waste of time.

Laurinaitis gets in the ring and throws the Teddy flag down.  Santino squats as Teddy Long pushes Laurinaitis down over Santino’s back.  Laurinaitis corners Teddy Long as Santino sets up to hit the Cobra on Laurinaitis.  From out of nowhere The Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Santino.  Laurinaitis says “Miz congrats on being the newest member of team Teddy…Johnny.”  Yes, he messed up his lines too.  Nobody can seem to talk tonight.  So I’m happy The Miz finally has a match.  The actual match at Wrestlemania better be used to either put Zack Ryder or The Miz over.  One of those guys needs to get the pin fall.  They have to.  That Wrestlemania crowd will be going absolutely nuts for Zack Ryder.  Let me tell you whats going to happen.  Your going to hear “we want Ryder” chants the whole way through the match.  So he better go over at the end.  Michael Cole, John Laurinaitis, The Miz, David Otunga, and Team Teddy are all trending on Twitter.  The WWE owns Twitter.

Video package of Undertaker vs. Triple H.  Ugh.  Talk about a waste of time.  I attempted to get #RawPissBreak trending on Twitter.  You should follow me on Twitter during these shows.  Anyways that video was way too long.  3-5 minutes.  Cole, Lawler, and Booker T are talking and wasting more time.

Eve Torres w/ Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly- And Kelly has nobody with her.  Where is Maria Menounos at?  Oh that’s right, she’s a celebrity.  So she has more important things to do right?  So Natalya gets to sit backstage and do nothing while a one time celebrity comes in and takes her Wrestlemania spot.  Does Maria Menounos realize she will be booed at Wrestlemania?  Booker T says Shucky ducky quack quack.  Kelly does a terrible bridging pin to start.  Eve comes back at her with chokes.  She holds Kelly’s head against the turnbuckle while Beth yells at her.  Choke hold from the top rope by Eve.  Next she uses a chin lock arm bar.  The crowd is dead.  Kelly gets up and reverses an Irish whip with a spinning head scissors.  She punches away at Eve, but is back body dropped.  Eve goes to the top rope for a moonsault and misses.  Kelly rolls her up for the win.  What???  Why would Kelly go over here?  So if Kelly can beat Eve with Beth at ringside, and by herself, why does this Wrestlemania match need to happen?  Everything was just decided.  Kelly can beat them both by herself so she doesn’t need a partner.  Can we just cancel the match and make Miz vs. Ryder its own match?  Kelly Kelly is trending on Twitter.

Christian vs. WWE Champion CM Punk – Ring announcer Justin Roberts says “Please welcome, the man that refers to himself as Captain Charisma…”  Was all of that really needed?  Just please call him Captain Charisma.  Chris Jericho is on the Titan Tron again.  I guess I kinda like how they have kept these two apart over the past few weeks.  It does build their face to face meeting up.  Jericho says that Punk’s parents’ wedding date is after Punk’s birth date.  He say’s that makes Punk a bastard.  Punk is attacked from behind by Christian.  Christian punches and kicks away at him before tossing him to the outside.  Christian follows him out but is caught by a furious Punk.  Punk fires punches at him, slams his head off the commentary table multiple times, then uses the Daniel Bryan repeated elbows to the face.  I love Punk, but I’m kinda getting tired of seeing him rip off Daniel Bryan’s ROH stuff.  First, best in the world, and now his viscous elbows?  Punk seperates the ring steps and sends Christian flying face first onto them.  Punk hooks in the Anaconda Vice on the outside floor.  Referees try to get him off Christian.  Punk screams “this is you Jericho.”  He finally gets up and walks away, but then goes running back at Christian again.  He hooks the Anaconda Vice a second time.  Eventually he relinquishes and holds up his title.  Captain Charisma and “CM Punk vs Christian” are trending on Twitter.

I have about 30 problems with what just happened.  First of all, who cares if Punk is a bastard?  Why would these things really bother Mr. Sarcasm in real life?  They wouldn’t.  Punk hears much worse all the time.  His persona is to be a sarcastic prick.  A sarcastic prick needs to be able to take this petty talk.  Which makes this whole thing highly unbelievable.  Because anyone who follows Punk knows what kind of negativity he puts up with on a daily basis just on Twitter alone.  So your trying to tell me that he can’t take a couple of comments about things he’s lived with his whole life?  This really might be the worst build up I’ve ever seen for a championship match.  I absolutely hate it.  I also hate how Christian was just squashed in his first match back in a very long time.  So it looks like they will be taking him out of the Wrestlemania match.  Michael Cole says that Christian reinjured his neck.  This is obviously a work.  Why would they do this though?  Is Christian really not ready to come back?  Does this mean Christian is just going to retire?  He might as well.  We can’t wait for him to recover for multiple months again.  He might as well just hang it up if that’s the case.

The Funkasaurus Brodus Clay vs. Curt Hawkins- He’s the only living breathing Funkasaurus in captivity.  That’s fascinating.  Cole makes an awful joke about Clay weighing more than a brachiosaurus.  Clay does the leg shake as the match starts.  Clothesline to Hawkins.  Hawkins surprisingly comes back with a dropkick to the knee followed by a grounded DDT.  Jerry Lawler has no idea who he is and calls him Curtis Hawkins.  Lawler is senile.  Clay headbutts Hawkins when he runs at him.  Then comes a T-Bone suplex and a splash off the ropes.  That’s the match.  If you blinked you missed it.  Brodus Clay, #somebodycallmymama, and Curt Hawkins are trending on Twitter.  Surprisingly, Hawkins is the #2 trend worldwide.

Promo for the Hall of Fame ceremony.  It’s not airing until the night after Wrestlemania.  I’m angry.  Ridiculous.  How am I supposed to get excited about Wrestlemania if there is nothing on tv the night before?  Way to kill a tradition.

The Big Show vs. Primo w/Epico and Rosa Mendes- This is a match?  Really?????????  Big Show pushes Primo into the corner and uses a chop.  He tosses him into the other corner.  Then another.  Primo kicks him and jumps off the top rope, but he’s chopped down.  Chokeslam.  1-2-3.  Rosa jumps up on the apron as Epico tries to attack Big Show from behind.  Chokeslam on Epico.  Cody Rhodes comes out.  He says after Wrestlemania Big Show will be a verb.  People will not want to Big Show their tests, Big Show with the ladies, and they will take big Big Show’s.  That means poop.  Rosa Mendes is trending on Twitter.  I have one question.  Aren’t Epico and Primo tag team cha….oh who cares?

John Laurinaitis announces on Twitter that Drew McIntyre will take Christian’s spot.  Good for Drew.  The most underused guy in the company.  He deserves a big push.  Drew McIntyre is trending on Twitter after the tweet.  Only the WWE can trend worldwide because of a personal tweet by one of their characters.

Lord Tensai promo.  Reports say that it will be A-Train.  Hence A-Train trending on Twitter.  A-Train has had a long successful career in Japan.  A Japanese guy is shown in the promo so it appears that they are either trying to throw people off or that he will have a manager.

The Bella Twins are arguing in the back about Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy.  They are representing different guys.  Apparently they are just throwing everyone into this match to fit everyone on the card.  Hence the usage of the Bellas, Hornswoggle, Khali, etc…  Zack Ryder comes up to the Bellas and talks about Team Teddy.  Nikki Bella says that Ryder should change his team.  Ryder says “maybe you should change your face.”  Haha.  I finally laughed.  Eve comes up to Ryder.  She asks Ryder to stay at her hotel in Miami.  She says they will celebrate after Wrestlemania.  Zack is excited.  #PoorZack

Josh Matthews interviews CM Punk.  Punk cuts him off.  He says if you want to know how he feels, go ask Christian.  He says that Jericho can say anything he wants to him except for things about family.  He claims that what Jericho is saying is a complete lie.  He’s not a bastard, hes the best wrestler in the world.

The Great Khali w/Teddy Long vs. Mark Henry w/John Laurinaitis- Shoot me now.  Zero pop for Khali when he comes out.  Khali chops Henry in the corner.  Then he chops him coming off the rope.  Then Mark Henry picks him up and uses the World’s Strongest Slam.  1-2-3.  That’s it.  Laurinaitis tosses Long into the ring.  He calls for his team to come out.  His team blocks the ramp waiting on team Long.  Santino and Ryder come running down but cant break the wall.  R-Truth comes running down and knocks the guys down with a dive.  Kofi Kingston comes running down, leap frogs over the team, springboards into the ring, and is caught with a World’s Strongest Slam.  Mark Henry picks up Teddy Long for the World’s Strongest Slam, but Booker T comes out of nowhere at stops him.  He hits a scissors kick on Henry.  Teddy Long asks Booker to be on his team.  His response is “now can you dig that sucka.”  Gag.  The Great Khali, Team Teddy, R-Truth, and Booker T are trending on Twitter.  I can’t believe that’s all Dolph Ziggler will be used for tonight.

The Rock comes to the ring.  This is it.  The final Raw segment before Wrestlemania.  The crowd chants “boots to asses” right away.  Rock starts with 2004- Wrestlemania 20.  What most people thought would be The Rock’s last Wrestlemania match.  Ever since then people have asked him “when are you coming back?’  When he went to the doctor he said “drop your pants…but when are you coming back?”  Rock says “No, I’m not dropping my pants your my dentist.”  It’s funny people.  Then he talks about women in Hollywood wanting his Civil War pie.  The joke was that it was Betty White.  Okay, I didn’t laugh at that one.  He talks about Wrestlemania last year.  The night after Wrestlemania, in the same city he’s in right now, the match was made.  Then he says “finally The Rock has come back to Atlanta.”  Boots 2 Asses and Civil War pie are trending on Twitter.  Rock puts Cena over saying he’s become one of the biggest stars in the industry.  He says Cena will never see anything like The Rock.  Cena’s music hits.

Cena says The Rock will never see anything like John Cena.  Cena says he keeps coming back with a smile on his face.  He says millions of people have talked trash about Cena.  The list is as long as the people’s struddle, the holy moses, or whatever The Rock is calling his penis.  That was funny but didn’t get laughs from the crowd.  Cena pauses awhile for the crowd to get hot.  They chant “let’s go Cena, Cena sucks.”  Cena repeats those words and says he’s heard them for years.  He says everyone has turned their back on the people at some point, including The Rock.  But Cena is the only guy ever who hasn’t, who rises above, and who wins.  He says that some people may hate that but everyone knows that Cena will win at Wrestlemania.  Cena says he’s been an active member of the WWE longer than The Rock has.  Rock gets shaken by that.  Cena also says that he did it in an era where it wasn’t as cool to be a WWE superstar.  That pretty much means that the Attitude Era carried The Rock.  John Cena is trending on Twitter.

Cena says he has to win at Wrestlemania.  After Wrestlemania The Rock will star in GI Joe.  He puts The Rock over and says that the movie will be huge.  He says after Wrestlemania wrestling is still his life.  He says he will be god damned if The Rock comes in as a visitor and takes his life.  The Rock says that he helped build the company.  He says he needs to win to be the greatest of all time.  That way he would have beaten Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and John Cena.  That’s on a business level.  On a personal level The Rock says he just doesn’t like Cena.  He says the people know that.  Cena says “it doesn’t matter what you think.”  Both guys look heated.  He says he will whip The Rock’s ass at Wrestlemania.  He drops the mic and they stare at each other as it fades to black quickly.  They definitely ran out of time.

Excellent promo.  A lot of passion there.  And The Rock got heated, but not shaken up.  So he was able to fire back.  Which made for an excellent promo.  What did that promo tell me?  Let’s look at the Wrestlemania predictions for this Sunday to see…

Wrestlemania 28 predictions

Intercontinental Championship- Cody Rhodes (c) vs. The Big Show- The Big Show wins this one.  I no longer think that this match will be quick.  I think The Big Show vs. Primo thing tonight was to show people that this match won’t be quick.  They showed the audience what a quick squash looks like.  Cody Rhodes looks very credible compared to Primo.  So normal match.  I expect this match to open the show.  I also expect a new Intercontinental Champion…The Big Show.

Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve- It’s about time a celebrity loses.  Beth and Eve win.  Because they are the only two in this match that are actually being pushed by the company.  Maria gets the upperhand at the end, but her team loses.

Randy Orton vs. Kane- Orton wins this one.  No debating that.  A clean win for Orton.

Team Johnny (David Otunga, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, The Miz, Drew McIntyre) w/Vickie Guerrero and Nikki Bella vs. Team Teddy (Santino Marella, Zack Ryder, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Booker T, Great Khali) w/Hornswoggle and Brie Bella- They truly did fit everyone into this match.  Team Teddy wins it.  They have been dominated over the last month.  “We Want Ryder” chants will echo throughout the match until Zack Ryder gets the pin on Drew McIntyre.

World Heavyweight Championship- Daniel Bryan (c) w/ AJ vs. Sheamus– I think they drag this feud out.  Daniel Bryan wins.  It won’t be clean.  But I think he retains.  There are too many faces going over in the main matches.  A heel has to win a big match.  They will steal the show.

WWE Championship- CM Punk (c) vs. Chris Jericho- Punk retains.  Since he is “the man” in the industry, he needs his big Wrestlemania win as “the man.”  The match will be excellent.

Hell In a Cell- Undertaker vs. Triple H special referee: Shawn Michaels- The Undertaker wins.  20-0.  Why would you ever bet against him?  You don’t expect a horribly built feud to change my mind do you?

The Rock vs. John Cena- John Cena wins.  He told The Rock tonight that he wins.  He told everyone.  He even said that the people already know the outcome.  Cena won’t let The Rock come in as a visitor and steal his life.  What good would it do for an outsider to self promote himself at Wrestlemania while burying the current product?  The Rock won’t do that.  He hates it, but he won’t do it.  He will put Cena over for the WWE.  And after he does that nobody can say that he is selfish anymore.  The hand shake will happen to end the show.  I just hope that the crowd doesn’t riot.  I think there will be a surprising number of Cena fans in the crowd though.

Big update.  After Raw ended CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin began a Twitter war.  Reports have said recently that WWE plans to announce plans for the main event at Wrestlemania 29 soon after Wrestlemania 28.  I am officially predicting that CM Punk vs. Stone Cold will be announced as soon as next Monday on Raw.

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  1. I will debate the predictions with you at the end of my comments. I will admit I missed the first half of Raw since I am in KY and no sightings of Jim Cornnette chasing that bus yet but maybe tom? CM Punk does take crap on twitter, but I feel him blowing up on Christian is just a way to say that Jericho wins via DQ Sunday. As far as the Christian injury angle I think he failed a piss test and we will see the breaking news tom. It makes sense to me at least. I see the Undertaker promo as a big waste of time and call me crazy, but I think I know what next years WM main event will be.

    Show over Rhodes I agree with you on this one
    Maria and Kelly Kelly over Beth and Eve Celebrities do not lose at WM
    Orton over Kane I agree, but I feel there could be a shock with this one.
    Team Teddy wins to end the interim Raw GM character
    Sheamus beats Bryan: I’m sorry but he loses, but he will lose by DQ keeping his title.
    Punk and Jericho This could go either way for me I think seeing punk snap tonight was what will make this match of the night
    Rock vs Cena Cena wins, but it will go 45-50 mins
    Taker v HHH Taker wins, but its only after a miscue from Shawn Michaels. This miscue I believe will set up a true end of an era match at WM 29 in New Jersey of HHH vs HBK

    • Thanks for the Wrestlemania predictions. Some interesting ideas in this comment. The Christian failed test is a possibility. But he’s inducting Edge into the HOF the night before. That’s what is really weird to me. Wasn’t my divas match prediction a bold one? I like it though. They have to put their “dominant” diva’s champion and their top female heel over. Why put over a one time celebrity and a fading Kelly Kelly? Especially after Kelly went over the way she did tonight. I seriously hope there isn’t a DQ at Mania. Nobody wants to see one of those. That would ruin Bryan and Sheamus. But it could happen. And I’ll be okay with it happening. HHH vs. HBK is interesting. I’m not sure Michaels will ever wrestle again though. If he were going to wrestle I would have preferred this year to be a triple threat. I also notice that you listed the Undertaker vs. Triple H match last. I definitely don’t see that happening. I’ll be incredibly angry if it does. Rock vs. Cena has got to be last. End of story.

      • I only listed HHH Taker last because I feel that will somehow be the climax to setting up the main event I agree Rock and Cena has to be last.

  2. This Raw was a disappointment for me. The opening match was great, but then nothing of relevance happened until the Rock/Cena promo. Just a bunch of worthless matches and promos that had nothing to do with WM. And even the stuff that was supposed to build to the show (Punk, Big Show) really came off as weak. I dont understand the Punk/Jericho stuff. I sorta bought it last week, but it just seemed corny this week. Punk always talks about how he doesnt care what others think/say about him on twitter and his radio interviews, etc, but his character sure seems upset.

    I thought the Rock/Cena promo was by far the best part of the show. Rocky was funny to me for a change. I lol’ed at the dentist joke. But I gotta say Cena definitely seems to have better reasons for why he needs to win at WM and he also seems more passionate about those reasons. Throughout the promo, Rocky seemed a little resigned to the fact that he’s gonna be jobbing in 6 days. The crowd really sucked for this segment. They really did. Just based on the words Cena used and the way he said them, I have to believe he is going over at WM. If the Rock jobs to him, I will stop hatin on the man. But if Rocky wins, he will go down as the biggest a-hole in the history of wrestling, imo. Cena needs to be put over in this match, for the betterment of the company.

    I also agree with you that Orton wins clean (thats really obvious to me) and that Show beats Rhodes. Show hasnt gotten the upper hand on Rhodes in forever on either Raw or SD, which is why he is definitely winning. Beth and Eve should be winning, although based on the way they were booked on Raw, they really shouldnt. I think Team Laurinaitis will win. Teddy’s contant pushing of Launinaitis in the chest is an indicator he will lose. This, and there are too many faces winning already. I think Punk beats Jericho, but I read that Jericho extended his contract through the summer, so I am less certain about this one. But I agree that Punk needs his WM-defining moment as champion. Taker obviously wins…duh! The toughest call for me is Bryan vs Sheamus. I think Bryan should win with some controversy, like you suggested, but Sheamus has been booked very strong since winning the Rumble. Im going with Bryan though. He needs to establish himself as a top heel, which is why he will win dirty.

    6 days to go. I cannot wait!!

    • The Bigger Perspective

      “If the Rock jobs to him, I will stop hatin on the man. But if Rocky wins, he will go down as the biggest a-hole in the history of wrestling, imo. Cena needs to be put over in this match, for the betterment of the company.”

      If Rock wins he will be the biggest a-hole in the history of wrestling? Are you kidding me? He has put countless superstars over the top throughout his career. Who has Cena put over besides Punk who did’nt even beat him cleanly in Chicago? Do you understand what a Cena win over the Rock at WM28 would do the rest of the locker room? It would virtually make it impossible to book any other current WWE star as being a believable threat to Cena’s hero gimmick. His predictability, his invisibility is what’s destroying the character development of the rest of the stars. The best for the business is for Super Cena to come to an end. He needs to have an opponent who he cannot overcome.

      The Rock winning at WM 28 is better for business because it will add a much needed character change for John Cena. It will also open the door of better booking for the other stars in the locker room. Quite possibly, a Rock win over Cena will put Cena over like how Austin losing to Bret was the turning point in his career.

      • dude, theres a reason why I added the “imo” after my statement….because its my opinion. You have an opinion…good for you…so do I. Im not going to waste anymore time talking to you.

        • The Bigger Perspective

          “dude, theres a reason why I added the “imo” after my statement….because its my opinion. You have an opinion…good for you…so do I. Im not going to waste anymore time talking to you.”

          Dancing around the subject by redundantly letting everyone know that your opinion is your’s and my opinion is mine isn’t helping your original argument.

    • I liked the original comments. I completely agreed with absolutely everything that was said. If The Rock doesn’t put Cena over then yes he certainly is the biggest asshole in wrestling history. The Rock put over other top guys such as Austin, Foley, and Undertaker. But for him to come in now in 2012 and make Vince put him over on Cena, just because Cena said some bad things about him, and take down Vince’s top guy, he would be an asshole. Especially after Hogan came in and put him over the way he did. Who has Cena put over? Wade Barrett, the entire Nexus, Randy Orton, Edge, Sheamus for his first title win, and passed the torch to CM Punk to be “the man.”

      Cena beating The Rock with the most viewers in Wrestlemania, and pay per view history, will show the world that the current WWE product has a true super star. I agree that it would be a cool way to kill super Cena and turn him heel, but at the same time it would make the current Cena look larger than life. That in turn makes the WWE look larger than life. The feud doesn’t have to end at Wrestlemania. It can continue to Summerslam. They will find plenty of things to do with Cena after this angle. He doesn’t have to be champion. And he doesn’t have to be invincible either.

      • The Bigger Perspective

        It boggles the mind how some people in here would wait an entire year just so they can witness Super Cena win again and again and again and again and again and again and again. What’s the point of watching wrestling if the outcome is going to be the same. One whole year we had to wait for this, just so we can watch Super Cena “overcome the odds” yet again? Are you people insane?

        He needs a character change and an added dimension of mortality to his character. He never loses cleanly. Like I said, he’s already been pushed beyond the stratosphere. But you Cena supporters call Rock an a-hole for wanting to put an end to Super Cena which is actually better for the business.

        A Rock win will do wonders for Cena’s career and it will open the door for other stars to build up their credibility against Cena. Creative development will only be hindered if Super Cena remains intact. There is no way that any other character in the locker room could be booked to convincingly beat his hero character cleanly.

        Cena in this episode of Raw said that he is the only WWE star in history who has never sold out at anytime in his career. That’s not only a lie, but he puts himself as morally above and beyond any other legend who has paved the way for him. Did Undertaker sell out? Did HBK sell out? Did Edge sell out? Did Eddie Guerrero sell out? These wrestlers showed up everyday and never sold out. They weren’t trying to star in movies such as The Marine and 12 Rounds. So who exactly is the real A-HOLE?

        • yeah….I think you’ve shown us who the “real A-HOLE” is.

          and btw, I really have no interest in defending my argument. Like what are you…a professional debater or something? Just because I have a different opinion doesn’t mean we need to have a steel cage death match to figure out who is right and who is wrong. The writer of this article, Mark, and I have had differing opinions quite a few times over the past weeks, but we never make it personal like you have. Just say something like “well here’s how I feel” and state your opinion. No need to attack the person that wrote their opinion. This is just how I feel, yo. I really don’t have the time, patience, or care to sit here and get all mad and personal and upset because someone has a different opinion on Rock vs Cena. So you think what you want, as will I. Go ahead and pick this paragraph apart if you wish, Im sure it will make you happy.

          Oh yeah, Mark….your response above really hit the nail on the head…as usual. Smartest wrestling mind on the internet right here, people!!!!!!!

        • Cena does need a change. He does need a change of gimmick. But he’s not going to lose at Wrestlemania. Sorry.

  3. […] opponent at WrestleMania, Bryan and Orton's opponent, Kane.Behind the snarlChicago TribuneWWE Raw Results 3/26 Last Show Before Wrestlemania 28Baltimore SportsReport.comWWE Raw SuperShow Results: Live Blog of the Final Raw Before WrestleMania […]

  4. Really? You’re gonna write about Theatrical Wrestling when you promised your Fantasy BB fans RP on Saturday and SP today?

    “First base rankings will be up on Tuesday. Second base on Wednesday. Third base on Thursday. Shortstops on Friday. Closers on Saturday. Starting Pitching next Monday.”
    – Mark Brown,

    I thought we were gonna find out you had lupus and had to call in sick or something. In all seriousness though, Pitchers?

    • Lol I’ve actually gotten a lot of feedback about this. Closers are set to come out Tuesday morning at 9 am. Wednesday will be the starting pitching. Honestly I decided against the Saturday because it’s tough for people to check for things on the weekends. And then sickness struck down Monday. My apologies. 9 am you’ll see closers for sure!

  5. Yes Cena will win, though I wish otherwise. Like you guys said, its best overall for the company. But I don’t understand why any of you are acting as if the Rock has been the super selfish guy in the past. He has put many people over in his career, unlike Cena and that’s just being real no matter who you prefer. Cena wins and they may face off again if the Rock comes back for other pay per views in which the Rock would get revenge, but he’s not winning at Wrestlemania 28. By the way the Rock could have easily said the attitude era was cooler because of the stars that were in it, thus they carried the company, not the other way around, but that would have buried everybody, and they would all be raising hell in the back. But when Rock left the company was at the top, someone else dropped the ball…

    • Pretty much agree. You can’t say that Cena hasn’t put anyone over though. Let me copy and paste form a comment up top. Who has Cena put over? Wade Barrett, the entire Nexus, Randy Orton, Edge, Sheamus for his first title win, and passed the torch to CM Punk to be “the man.” They certainly can continue this feud at other pay per views.

  6. Dude,i support u wen u said tha rocks needs to win…cos if cena does win that means other superstars in tha locker can never be pushed up as much as cena…and for tha fact of the predictions,lemme mak mah own n i bet u dats exactly wat will happen in 6 nights

    john cena vs the rock: rock wins
    taker vs hhh: we all knw dat 1
    team L vs team T: team T wins
    kane vs orton: i c kane winnin dis one so that it’ll be d 1st match he wins via pinfall (clean)since his return

    • Thanks for the predictions. I really don’t see Rock winning. I actually think that the Kane/Orton match could go either way now. Just because I have so many faces going over. If the face Diva’s win then Kane has to win. If he does win it won’t be clean. Orton seems to win every year at Mania, so maybe they will put Kane over by DQ or something. To be honest, I don’t really care either way.

  7. I guess we have two different definitions of put over. Punk or Barret never beat him clean. The Viper had been over so had Edge. Nexus? Sheamus was two months in the company and he’s not o__ver ( until after WM28). Cena even when he has lost has come across unbeatable for years. No true 1,2,3 pin loss or a clear butt kicking even if he wins. At least be the clear looser and win on interference or something. That’s all.

    • I guess the definitions are different. He completely passed the torch to Punk and let him be “the man.” He jobbed that feud. He also jobbed to Sheamus which gave him his first ever world championship. That’s putting a guy over. Punk did beat him clean. He even had McMahon trying to screw him over. The advantage was on super Cena’s side and he still lost.

  8. we are not counting MIZ in ROCK vs cena ..
    i think miz will interfere in match rock the match..
    which will lead in wm29 match card as cena/miz (rock as special ref) cena/miz/rock (triple threat)

    • I don’t see them letting anyone interfere in this match. It’s too big of a match. Especially for a guy that they have jobbed out over the past few months and gave a spot to last second. They did the same thing with Kofi Kingston last year when he was in the doghouse. He wasn’t added to the card until the last week. So Miz won’t get a moment of glory at the PPV. They did Cena vs. Miz last year, so I don’t see it happening again. I don’t think they will push The Miz enough to have him face Rock.

  9. The Miz finally has a match at WM………..dats really AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………….I jst hope he z put over at WM n it provides d perfect launching pad for a nyc long feud with Ryder…dat wud b pretty gr8.
    I’ve seen a lot of opinions on d ramifications of d result of d Cena-Rock match bt I personally feel Cena deserves 2 win,coz we’ll know d future of d WWE rests in d hands of Cena-Punk-Bryan(n hopefully d Miz as well)……n a Cena victory’ll officially cement his place in d xclusive bracket of d “BIGGEST EVER STARS”,alongwith d likes of Rock,Austin n Hogan.Cena really deserves 2 b on dat list coz jst lyk he said,he came in d post-attitude era n took dis bizness by d scruff of its neck jst lyk Austin did in 1997…n both these guyz did dat without any lineage or whatsoever in dis industry.Ppl don’t lyk him coz of his good guy image,bt actually he jst moulded himself 2 fit into d PG-era.Havin’ said dat,I also respect d Rock for keeping every1 glued 2 d T.V. sets even in d absence of a match n comin’ back 2 help dis industry even though he has a pretty successful career goin’ in Hollywood.Overall,I’ve enjoyed dis once in a lyftym feud 2 d hilt n hope it has an apt conclusion.
    Over 2 u———–PUNK N AUSTIN.
    ****WRESTLEMANIA 28—————–EPIC!!!!!!!!!!****

    • I wanted Miz and Ryder to have a match this year. A long feud with them would be great. It fits Miz perfect. He would be great in a social media storyline. I can see him now going on Ryder’s show. It would be very entertaining. I agree with everything that you said about Cena and Rock. Good stuff. Punk vs. Austin would and will be great. I really think it will happen.

  10. LOL. Out over?! Geez, how many guys more do u need to put Cena “over” ? Cena has been ‘over’ since the past 7 years for god’s sake. We’re all sick of Super Cena. What next we’ll have undertaker lose his streak and also put Cena over? He’d still get his ass booed the next time on Raw, and nothing changes. The Rock on the other hand is a celebrity. His celebrity status is far more than Cena. He and the other guys back in the Attitude Era helped build WWE like he said. Its Miami, his hometown. You can bet there’ll be a huge pop for him. IMO Rock should win. A loss for Cena doesn’t do much harm, on the contrary, like someone said, his superhero character will fade and will do him more good. A loss for Cena wouldnt do much harm. A win for Rock further solidifies the legacy of The Attitude Era hero. However I doubt this will happen. Seeing the difference in character of 2011 and 2012 Rock and how much he has changed, The Rock’s all prepared to job to Cena.

    • The Rock’s been already put over by Hogan at WM18.If WWE has 2 cement its present stars then a “celebrity” win at WM dusn’t do anything gud for d future of d company.A movie star on a nreak comin’ back after 7 yrs n beatin d face of d company in his 1st proper match (barring his cameo at Survivor Series) sounds real stupid n lame.IMO,d notion of super cena’s been buried since d arrival of Punk n honestly I think d Rock came back only at d request of Vince 2 boost d ratings somewhat n entertain lyk only he can………….both Rock n Cena hav jobbed cleanly before in d main event of WM n they r 2 professional 2 b perturbed by dat.I only feel dat Rock winning n then taking a hiatus wud b a vry short-sighted move…….bt anyway man,u got ur own view n I got mine.One thing I hope all of us can agree on z dat dis feud’s been freakin’ awesome n really if d build up z dis gud……..honestly,who cares bout d reault?????????

    • It doesn’t make any sense for the WWE to want Cena’s star to fade as a result of this match. What good would that do? It would kill Cena. And then The Rock goes away. So this year long feud would have done nothing but kill two majors stars all at once. It doesn’t make sense. Cena has to and will win. That was pretty funny though about how super Cena will end the Undertaker’s streak next!

  11. Good raw overall, although I was expecting more from Punk and Jericho’s promo. Jericho should have been present on Raw instead of being via satellite. I don’t think anyone is starting to believe Jericho’s personal attacks on Punk now. But I am sure their match will steal the show. Why on earth did the creative writers bury the tag team champions. Putting up Primo with Show? Really. There is just 5 more days for wrestlemania and these guys arn’t even competing at Mania? They are probably the most talented tag teams out there. Show could have wrestled any one of the 20 jobbers and he fights Primo. Creative writers, open your eyes, don’t bury the young talents. I don’t understand why Khali is even back in the WWE. Are they building up a single main event status for him? Also he used to win previous matches and now he quickly starts jobbing? If you ask me it is about time Khali left WWE for good. Where on earth was Taker and Triple H? They didn’t appear on the last Raw before Mania. Very disappointing. Also am I the only one who thinks Taker will return as American Badass at WM now that he has cut his hair? The Divas match was the best in a long time but should have been longer. Daniel Bryan match was good but I really hope Sheamus does not loose at Mania due to AJ’s interference.She is really starting to get on my nerves. I hope after Mania she leaves him for good. I want Rhodes to win at Mania as well thus establishing him as a true superstar and revealing his great wrestling abilities. it also shows he is capable of being future WWE OR Heavyweight champion. I expect all the wins at Mania to be clean victories. It’s about time this happened. I am sure HBK won’t screw up anyone. My mania predictions

    Team Teddy wins
    Cody Rhodes wins
    Sheamus wins
    Randy Orton wins(waste of a match for him by the way)
    John Cena wins
    Taker wins
    Punk wins

    Wrestlemania 28 will be a great show!

    • They have been wanting to hold Jericho and Punk apart until Wrestlemania. This is why Jericho has been appearing via satellite on Raw and wrestling on Smackdown. They bury their tag champs because the tag team division is dead. It didn’t even get a spot on the Wrestlemania card. Back in the day you would have 3 tag team matches on one Wrestlemania card, because the tag team division was so strong. The Hart Foundation could wrestle Volkoff’s team on the undercard and tag titles weren’t even needed. Khali can go away forever for all I care. It was a terrible decision to not have Triple H/Undertaker on the final Raw before Mania. Blows my mind. Undertaker returning as the American Bad Ass would be terrible. Worst gimmick ever. I was hoping for years and years that the dead man would return. He needs to be nothing else, especially for what could be his final match. The problem with your Wrestlemania predictions is that you have all faces winning except for Cody Rhodes. This can’t and won’t happen. Heels will win more than one match. Cena/Rock is a face win regardless. So is Undertaker/Triple H. We all know that Punk will retain. Because of this, Bryan has to win. He is the only heel that can break up the face winnings in the 4 main events. From there other heels can win on the undercard, such as Cody Rhodes. But if Rhodes wins then no titles change hands. The Big Show hasn’t gotten his hands on Rhodes yet, so it’s unlikely that Rhodes can retain. Thanks for commenting.

      • I don’t like seeing Show as the intercontinental champion to be honest. I see Rhodes as the future face of this business so Show should put cena Rhodes over him. If Daniel Bryan is going to win I am sure it won’t be a clean victory with someone interrupting or something. What do you think about a Cena heel turn at Wrestlemania? Coz the only way I can see him winning is by cheating in some way at mania. Coz if The Rock looses claenly his fans would be mad right? And at his own hometown. Or what If The Rock wins and they have another match at summerslam and then Cena wins? And another final match to determine who really is the best. The way I see it both men really need a victory over each other. The american badass is the worst gimmiick ever? Really? It was so cool to see him as the badass. He brought out the loudest pop ever from the crowd. I can see why you don’t want to see him as the badass since you think there is more chance of Taker loosing at WM if he is in american badass gimmick. But yes Taker need and will win at mania. Triple H has nothing to loose but if Taker looses then WWE is dead. Whats wrong with the Tag Team division? What’s the harm in putting a match for the tag team championship at mania? Will it do any harm to the business? I don’t think so. Then why not put it in there any way? Put it instead of kane and orton. Maybe WWE didn’t put a tag match at mania since they want orton to take that spot and give him another match at mania. This makes me sick. This is exactly why they buried epico and primo. They want us to completely forget about the tag teams at mania. Also I hear rumors that Lesnar will be returning to face austin or taker. I say it should be austin. That’s a dream match!

        • I don’t find a Cena heel turn likely. It would be shocking and great to see though. Big Show hasn’t really held a title in a long time. He had that 2 minutes World title win earlier this year, but other than that it’s been nothing. Rhodes has had it long enough. Me not wanting to see the American Badass has nothing to do with him winning or losing. He won’t lose regardless of his gimmick. I think they are going to set up Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar next year. So he’s not losing. I just hated the gimmick because “the deadman” is the greatest gimmick of all time, and it prevented everyone from seeing that. Orton deserves a Wrestlemania match much more than Primo and Epico. The tag division is too weak for a title match on the big card. It would have only worked if they would have had some sort of tag title open title gauntlet and Chris Hero and Claudio debuted and took the titles. If you don’t know who they are Google their Ring of Honor matches. They are debuting in WWE very soon. Hero’s new name will be Ksssius Ohno.

      • Also Show is over 40 now. I don’t if he will get any major push for titles…

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