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WWE Monday Night Raw Results 6/4/12

Raw begins with Michael Cole entering the ring.  He introduces John Cena pretty quickly.  Good, keep it quick.  The sooner they get this segment over with the better.  Cole recaps the mediocre viscous streak of the Big Show.  He spits off all of the talents that are more talented than Big Show, that he took out over the course of a week.  Cole blames Cena for not coming to the aid of Big Show.  Cena makes a stupid joke about Cole collecting My Little Ponies.  Cena says Big Show didn’t have to do what he did because Big Show would have been hired back regardless.  Cole says that statement can’t be said because Cena doesn’t know that to be the truth.  God this is weak.  Cena makes a joke about Big Show wanting his wallet to be as big as his waist line.  These jokes are so bad that the people aren’t really sure if they are supposed to laugh or just cheer.  So it’s an awkward mixture of both.  Cole says that Cena is jealous of Big Show and that Cena is overrated.  I don’t care.  I want wrestling.

John Laurinaitis comes out on his awesome “People Power” scooter.  I’m actually happy to see him.  Cena gets to pick his opponent tonight.  Cena wants to pick Laurinaitis.  Laurinaitis has retired from wrestling after beating Cena.  I’m assuming Cena is going to pick Michael Cole.  Cena makes more bad jokes about this being the first good thing Laurinaitis has ever done.  Cena picks Michael Cole.  People cheer.  Boy who woulda predicted that?  So I guess that means we get to see two John Cena segments with no wrestling.  I’m sure that will take up at least half of the show just as Big Show did last week.  So the highest upside this show has is one hour of wrestling.  At least we get to see CM Punk vs Kane.  Seriously though, their match on Smackdown was pretty good.  Thanks to Punk carrying him.  Michael Cole is trending on Twitter.  Pretty sad when we’re 16 minutes in and that’s all that’s trended so far.

Michael Cole is in the back with John Laurinaitis.  Cole is pleading to get out of the match.  Laurinaitis says his job is under evaluation and that he has to give them people power.  Did anyone else get that stupid text from WWE earlier saying that Vince McMahon would review Laurinaitis’ job next week?  I texted them to try to win that Wrestlemania trip during Wrestlemania and I’ve gotten stupid texts ever since.

Vickie Guerrero comes out on the ramp.  Michael Cole goes speeding by her.  Cole has now been in every single on camera segment so far.  I’d rather see Daniel Bryan in every segment.  But they don’t know what the people want.  Vickie introduces Dolph Ziggler.  By himself.  It’s going to be a rematch from the solid match that happened on Smackdown this past week.

Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero vs World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus- Punches and kicks from Ziggler to start.  Reversal by Sheamus.  Ziggler kicks him in the face in the corner, but Ziggler kicks him in the gut and attempts a Fame Asser.  Sheamus fights him off and hits a shoulder roll.  Sheamus charges Ziggler, but he holds the ropes and sends Sheamus flying to the outside.  Sheamus pulls Ziggler’s legs to the outside.  Sheamus attempts to throw Ziggler into the steel steps, but Ziggler runs up the steps to the other side.  Vickie causes a distraction giving Ziggler the chance to hit a baseball slide through the ropes.  This takes us to commercial.

Back from break Sheamus headbutts Ziggler but is caught with a high knee to the gut.  Ziggler works him to the mat and applies a chin lock.  Sheamus hits some nasty headbutts to the back of the head to get out.  Upper knee lift to Ziggler results in a two count.  Sheamus picks him up, misses a clothesline, and is caught with an elbow to the back of the head.  Ziggler goes to the top rope but Sheamus meets him with a right hand.  Sheamus climbs to the top but is punched back off.  Fame Asser off the top rope by Ziggler.  Nice spot.  Two count.  Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag, but he’s snapmared off.  White Noise by Sheamus followed by the Brogue Kick for the win.  Sheamus is sweaty and blown up.  He’s not used to longer paced matches with quick wrestlers.  Decent match overall but not long enough.  Their match on Smackdown was much longer and much better.  But Raw doesn’t care about showcasing wrestling so it’s understandable.  Smackdown is a far superior show overall.

Sheamus heads up the ramp but he’s jumped by Alberto Del Rio.  Ricardo Rodriguez is the equalizer as he takes Sheamus’ legs out from behind.  Del Rio does a pretty sick Cross Arm Breaker on Sheamus off the side of the stage.  Sheamus dangles over the ramp while the hold is applied.  Pretty sick looking.  I liked it.  The only thing trending on Twitter so far is still Michael Cole.  People probably aren’t watching Raw tonight.  The ratings have been way down lately because the show has been terrible.  The ratings for each show is a reflection on how good the previous week was.  So since Raw was terrible last week, tonight’s ratings won’t be good.  I seriously hope Raw starts to improve.  I don’t like writing bad reviews…I really don’t.  I pride myself on being unbiased and I will always write what I see.  I’ve done plenty of positive reviews, but mainly terrible reviews as of late.  I really hope that changes.  Unlike some other internet bloggers, I don’t find the negative in everything that happens.  I want to write good things and I want to be entertained.  That’s why I watch.

Laurinaitis is in the back with David Otunga.  Otunga tells him about Mr. McMahon coming to Raw next week to evaluate his job.  Apparently Laurinaitis didn’t get the stupid text that I got.

Sin Cara vs. Hunico w/ Camacho – Sweet Sin Cara!  Who wants to see a bunch of head scissors???  Not me.  This guy’s matches are repetitive.  At least he’s working Hunico.  They are good against each other.  I love the blue house lighting they do during the Sin Cara matches.  Always have liked that.  I’m a big lighting guy.  Very unique.  I like how he is the only guy in the company that gets it too.  Hunico starts out aggressively with punches.  Sin Cara flips over his back, takes his arm to the top turnbuckle, and flips off.  Hunico rolls to the ouside.  Flying hurricanrana to the outside by Sin Cara.  Back in the ring Hunico comes back with a kick to the head.  Sit out back breaker by Hunico for a one count.  Chin lock.  Surprised to see a rest hold with two speedsters in the ring.  They don’t typically slow down the pace that much.  Kick to the chest by Hunico.  He picks Sin Cara up on his shoulders, but Sin Cara flips out with an arm drag.  Failed charge in the corner by Hunico results in an enzuguri to the head.  Flying hurricanrana from Sin Cara.  Drop kick.  Sick flip off the ropes by Sin Cara followed by a head scissors.  Another flip off the ropes results in a back elbow.  Camacho jumps up on the apron but is drop kicked off.  Sin Cara hits his head scissors face plant for the finish.  Sin Cara is trending on Twitter.  Total huricannrara/head scissors count….4 in one match.  Repetitive much?  Pretty good match though.  Refreshing to see.  Wasn’t long enough though.

Raw most memorable moment video-  This is in preparation for the 1,000th episode coming up soon.  Cena picks his own debut as his favorite moment.  Not even close to the best ever.

Stan Stansky and Arthur Rosenberg vs. Ryback- If you haven’t seen Ryback on Smackdown yet, it’s the same thing every week.  He wrestles two tiny jobbers who give bad promos.  Then he squashes them.  So Stan Stansky and the other guy cut a terrible promo where they rhyme at the same time.  Stan Stansky is a great name  by the way.  It made me lol.  Ryback comes out like Goldberg with pyro.  He does weird arm movements and marches.  Goldberg chants from the crowd.  Stansky runs at Ryback but is gorilla pressed.  He’s launched so high that he goes out of the camera frame.  Awesome.  Ryback picks up Rosenberg and presses him straight into Stansky.  Hanging brain buster to Stansky.  He tosses Rosenberg into Stansky in the corner.  I love typing the name Stansky.  Best ever.  Double clothesline to them both at the same time.  Double running back drop to both guys for the win.  Okay okay okay.  Ryback has grown on me.  I love seeing him squash these guys.  It’s hilarious.  He destroys these poor guys.  Stiff as hell.  I love it now.  I am a Ryback fan.  I love this stuff.  Then he chants “feed me more” after the match.  I love it.  I love the stomping, I love the feed me more, I love the arms, I love it all.  Ryback is better than the other big men because he almost kills people in the ring.  Ryback is trending on Twitter.

CM Punk comes to the ring.  Daniel Bryan comes out after him.  YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!  Question and answer time with Daniel Bryan.  Has AJ gone mental since I left her?  YES!  Will Kane destroy CM Punk tonight? YES!  At No Way Out will I become the new WWE Champion?  YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!  While Bryan is YESing there is a fiery explosion for Kane.  Bryan jumps.  Hilarious!  My favorite part of the night!  Here comes Kane with his awesome metal mask.  I still like that thing.

WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Kane- Tie up to start.  Kane stomps Punk in the corner.  He bounces Punk’s head off a turnbuckle and gives him body shots.  Irish whip to the other corner results in a boot to the face.  Punk clotheslines Kane over the tope rope.  Running suicide dive by Punk.  Axe handle off the top rope to the outside by Punk.  Punk goes to the top again and hits a cross body on Kane inside the ring.  I like the psychology of having to go high risk to take the big man down.  Punk runs at Kane, but is hit with a high knee to the gut.  Third match that’s happened in already.  Running grounded dropkick to the face by Kane.  More head shots off the turnbuckle and kicks.  Body slam by Kane followed by a leg drop.  The action has really slowed down and gotten boring since Kane has taken over on offense.  Kane uses a grounded body scissors.  Punk fights out with nice elbows to the thigh.  Punk attempts to chop Kane down with kicks and forearms.  He charges Kane but is caught.  He wiggles down Kane’s back and continues to try to chop him down.  Kane grabs Punk around the throat and throws him over the top rope.  Commercial spot.

Back from break Punk is on Kane’s back.  Backdrop by Kane.  Two count.  Daniel Bryan is on commentary and refuses to talk to Cole.  Chin lock by Kane.  Punk elbows out.  Uppercut by Kane followed by a side slam.  Another two count.  Please have Punk take back over on offense.  I’m bored.  Kane goes to the top rope, but Punk hits a running knee to the face up the turnbuckle.  Running high knee in the corner followed by a bulldog for a two count.  Another repetitive spot.  Springboard clothesline from the outside by Punk.  Punk goes for Go To Sleep but Kane rolls down his back.  Big boot to the face by Kane.  Roll through neck breaker by Punk, which counters a chokeslam attempt.  Punk goes to the top rope but is hit with an upper cut.  Kane climbs to the top rope but is Mongolian chopped off.  I love Mongolian chops.  Flying Elbow Drop off the top rope by Punk.  He turned his body mid air a la Rob Van Dam.  Kane rolls to the outside and is met with a baseball slide.  On the outside Kane throws Punk into the barricade right beside Daniel Bryan.  Punk goes back towards the ring but is kicked in the back by Bryan.  Kane hip tosses Punk back in over the top rope.  He goes for a chokeslam but is hit with a Yakuzza kick to the head.

AJ comes running down the ramp.  Bryan gets up to yell at her.  Punk comes running with a suicide dive that takes Bryan out.  Punk rolls back in the ring and is hit with a chokeslam.  Kane wins.  Ugh.  Kane stalks AJ.  Bryan actually saves her.  Kane fights him off.  Kane looks at AJ and she smiles at him lustfully.  Kane turns around and leaves.  We got ourself a love triangle!  Bryan still likes AJ, which is why he’s so involved still, Punk likes AJ, and now Kane likes AJ.  And she appears to like all three.  Which fits perfectly into her psycho gimmick.  Her character would have feelings for Kane!  Great idea.  Pretty funny.  This thing is actually working out.  And Kane now looks legitimate in this feud after that win.  It took a lot of different distractions for him to win, but those are actual distractions that could be factors in the payoff at the PPV.  This has actually been a well booked feud.  I’m still not happy that Kane is involved with Bryan and Punk, but it’s working.  With all the side stories one would now think that Bryan and Punk are distracted enough to let Kane win the feud.  This obviously won’t happen, but it’s believable.  And that’s what makes it successful.  My prediction is still that AJ will go back with Bryan, which gives him the title.  Whoever AJ goes with at the end of this feud will win the title.  That is the story that they have set up.

AJ is interviewed by Josh Matthews.  He asks her about her smile towards Kane.  She says she likes when men look at her.  She makes him look at her.  She says he’s uncomfortable and asks if he likes aggressive women.  She says he might be her type and pats him on the head.  This gimmick is good.  She definitely seems crazy and delivers in her promos.  This is how good she is….she’s been thrown into a Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk feud, and I’m not complaining.

WWE Tag Team Champions R-Truth and Kofi Kingston vs. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks–  Hawkins and Reks don’t get entrances because they are jobbers. Hawkins and Kofi start.  Kofi leap frogs him and hits a flying clothesline.  R-Truth is tagged in for a double hiptoss.  R-Truth does a split, dances, spins, and hits a leg drop.  Two count.  Tag to Tyler Reks.  Missed clothesline by Reks followed by a spinning back elbow.  10 count on the top rope by Truth.  Hawkins jumps up on the apron and knocks him off.  Back breaker by Reks.  Tag to Hawkins.  Snapmare followed by a knee to the back of the head.  Reks is tagged back in for some punches.  Truth rolls down his back and uses a single leg drop kick.  Hot tag to Kofi.  Flying fist drop, dropkicks, and clotheslines.  Boom Drop to Hawkins.  He knocks Reks off the apron, misses Trouble in Paradise, and bounces off the top rope with a cross body.  Truth takes Reks out as Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Hawkins for the win.  Solid little quick match.  It never stopped moving.  Reks and Hawkins were pretty impressive.  These matches tonight are much better than most weeks, but still not amazing.  I’ll take it for what it is.  I can deal with this.  It sucks that I have to settle, but it’s decent.

Raw most memorable moment video- Triple H’s favorite moment is the night he returned after his quad injury.  Not even close to the best moment.

John Cena comes to the ring- John Laurinaitis comes out before the match starts….on his awesome scooter.  He makes the match no DQ.  He has to beat Lord Tensai first.

John Cena vs. Lord Tensai w/ Sakamoto- Tieup to start.  Elbow to the side of the head by Tensai.  Damn I love that spot.  Tensai powers Cena to the corner and punches him.  Headbutt followed by grounded punches.  Michael Cole is a cheerleader for Tensai.  Slingshot through the ropes by Tensai.  The two punch away at each other.  Cena comes off the ropes on fire and sends Tensai over the top rope.  Sakamoto kicks Cena multiple times on the outside.  That’s the commercial spot.

Back from break Cena is in a headlock.  He gets out but is met with a spinning clothesline.  Irish whip followed by a running splash.  Cole is over animated when he knows the camera is on him.  Another Irish whip is countered with boots to the face.  Bulldog by Cena.  He goes for a suplex but its countered into a leg drop to the arm.  Tensai grabs the nerve in Cena’s shoulder then throws him to the outside.  Tensai follows him out and bounces his head off the commentary table.  Cole is yelling at Cena, but Lawler pushes him away.  That didn’t make sense.  Cena tries to climb back in but is headbutted off the apron to the outside.  Tensai follows him out again and sends Cena shoulder first into the steel steps.  Cena gets back in the ring eventually but is hit with a double under hook suplex.  Tensai goes for a running senton but misses.  Cena comes back with a shoulder block.  He knocks Sakamoto off the apron.  Side slam.  5 Knuckle Shuffle.  Attitude Adjustment.  3 count.  Cena wins.

Michael Cole tries to run away.  He jumps over the barricade, but Cena catches him.  Cena gives him a noogi and throws him back over.  He tries to run over a second barricade but is caught again.  Cole grabs a microphone and tries to plead Cena.  He says they’ve been great friends for a long time and that he’s been supportive of Cena.  He wants a handshake.  Cole starts to get mad and begins to take his shirt off.  He says Cena will be more embarrassed of losing to Cole than he will be of losing to Laurinaitis.  He points his finger in Cena’s chest.  Cena grabs the mic and says he’s getting his ass kicked.

John Cena vs. Michael Cole- He rips Cole’s shirt off and chops him.  Next he rips Cole’s pants off.  He has huge blue underwear on.  Is that supposed to be funny?  Low blow kick between the legs by Cena.  He pushes Cole into the corner and chops him.  Cena grabs the mic and says Lawler whipped him at Wrestlemania.  He wants Cole to apologize to Lawler.  Cole shouts “I’m so sorry.”  Cena wants him to apologize to Jim Ross.  Cole says that he’s his mentor and the guy he looks up to.  Cena wants Cole to talk about JR’s barbeque sauce.  Cole says “it’s slobber knocker good.”  This isn’t funny.  Lawler has JR’s BBQ sauce with him.  Cena hits Cole in the head with the microphone.

Cena pours multiple bottles of BBQ sauce over Cole.  Then he gets a fire extinguisher.  The crowd chants “Yes Yes Yes.”  Cena uses the fire extinguisher on Cole.  Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment.  Lord Tensai comes back in and hits Cena with a sit out power bomb.  Cole covers Cena.  Two count!  I saw that false finish coming.  Cole starts slapping Cena in the head.  He picks up the fire extingusher, charges Cena with it, but is caught on Cena’s shoulder.  Attitude Adjustment.  3 count.  Cena wins again.  What’s better than one Cena win in one night?  Two Cena wins in one night.  Michael Cole is trending on Twitter again.  So is “Tensai.”  Barely anything trended tonight.  3 hour Raw next week.  The show goes off the air with Cena using the fire extinguisher on Cole again.

Raw was better tonight.  Not great, but not bad.  Better than the crap we’ve seen the last month.  Here’s what I think happened tonight.  WWE saw all of the positive response to Smackdown the last few weeks.  So they decided to pretty much make Raw the same thing as last week’s Smackdown.  We got two of the same matches, and appearances by Ryback and Sin Cara.  All Smackdown segments.  I guess that works.  What they should really be doing is using the right people.  Smackdown is better because better talent is on it.  Raw has the potential to be better than Smackdown though.  But again tonight Zack Ryder and The Miz weren’t used.  Bryan wasn’t used enough.  I also want to start seeing Antonio Cesaro on Raw.  Over a year ago I used to plug in these articles that I wanted Daniel Bryan to be used more.  So now I’m starting the “Put Cesaro on tv” campaign.  Use him on Raw.  The national audience needs to see him.  So Raw was okay.  There was actually a lot of wrestling.  And it was decent.  Punk vs Kane was solid.  The rest of the matches were mediocre.  I like that they tried to showcase wrestling though.  The last segment was what it was.  I hate the gimmick idea of Cena vs Cole, but at least it was kinda entertaining.  The false finishes were good and probably kept marks on the front of their seats.  Not bad tonight.  However….

And now it’s time for another WWE Writers discussion- So last week we featured Big Show.  This week we have to feature Cena.  Agreed.  We should let him dominate the show like Big Show did last week.  Agreed.  We should give him a long promo and a match.  Disagree.  We should give him two matches.  AGREED!  Love it!  Let’s scrap the Daniel Bryan match for a second Cena match.  AGREED!  Love it!  The ratings were really low last week so rationally that had to be because Cena wasn’t on the show.  So we need to extra use him tonight.  That way the ratings will be the highest ever.  Yes!  That makes perfect sense to me.  So should we really showcase Cena’s wrestling ability tonight and give him a great opponent?  Someone like Daniel Bryan or The Miz?  Nah.  People don’t like wrestling.  We’ve been over this before.  We have to make the match entertaining.  Entertainment is more important than wrestling.  This is why I’ve pushed the idea to Vince to change the company name to World Entertainment Entertainment.  We have to get the word wrestling out.  How did he like it?  He loved it.  I knew he would.  So anyways, we should put Cena against Michael Cole.  Oh my god….your such a genius.  No wonder why your the head of writing.  People all over the world love your writing.  Wrestling fans know that Raw writers have the reputation as being the smartest men in the world.  And it’s all because of you.  Thank you, thank you.  I have to admit, I am a genius.  Cena vs Cole was the first thing that came to my head.  And instead of thinking about things rationally I always go with my gut instinct.  That’s why Raw is so fascinating.  Remember Mae Young giving birth to a hand?  Off the top of my head.  Your a genius.  So all in favor of a comedy match to main event Raw instead of a legitimate wrestling match that features the WWE Championship say I.  IIIIIIIIIIIIII.

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  1. Raw was at its best 2.5/4. I loved the Kane/Punk match it was as you say solid.

    Sheamus/Ziggler was very very rough at the start its like they were going to the same counter every time. Also, Sheamus has beaten a lot of people with the White Noise or whatever it was called he did before WM 28 at least.

    I do not know which was sicker the arm breaker Del Rio did or the kick by Sheamus.

    Sin Cara bores me because of repating the same move over and over, but he will be gone by years end due to injury.

    Ryback maybe a Goldberg type guy, but I love his stiffness and aggression. The only thing Raw need tonight was Sandow and it would have been perfect.

    Cole wrestling = NO Basically we had a shortened version of OTL minus Big Show. Big Blue Cage should be used just saying. I have nothing to say about Tensai losing minus it should have been to someone other than Cena.

    • First of all Mike, why is your points system only out of 4?? LOL. Punk vs Kane was indeed solid thanks to Punk. Sheamus/Ziggler was just okay for me. Mainly because it failed in comparison to Smackdown’s. The Del Rio arm breaker was the sickest thing of the night by far. Loved it. I can’t necessarily agree that Sin Cara is injury prone quite yet. If he gets significantly hurt again by the end of the year, then yes he is. He doesn’t bore me but he gets stale quickly. I love how stiff Ryback is. I also really like Sandow. Your right about how he would have enhanced Raw. So would Cesaro. The Cesaro, Sandow, Ryback segments are probably why I like Smackdown so much. Plus I kinda like the gimmicks of Young/O’Neill, and I like seeing guys like the Uso’s, Zack Ryder usually wrestles, and Daniel Bryan is used more. I was okay with the Cole thing. You say it was a shortened version of Over the Limit. To that I say, good. It’s okay to pretty much repeat the main event of a PPV on Raw. It was well executed. There were times that you thought Cena and Cole would both win. Well done. I like the big blue cage as well. I’d like to see that return as well. I’m also okay with Cena finally beating Tensai. They are pretty even with one another so far.

  2. I found Raw to be entertaining for the most part. Yes, I too want more wrestling. But considering the piss poor Raws we’ve had recently, I was happy with this performance as a whole. I could not care less about Big Show right now. Based on the ratings from last week, neither does anyone else. Guessing thats the reason why he was left off the show alltogether. But that doesnt mean we need 97 John Cena segments, because thats the same thing we had last week with Show. If anything, Punk or Bryan should be in every segment b/c thats the storyline revolving around the WWE title. That should be the focus of every Raw and PPV. Period. Anyway, the show was basically a deja vu of Friday’s Smackdown episode, minus Booker T telling me he is going to tell me something every 4 seconds. The Sheamus/Ziggler match never really had time to develop or tell any sort of story, in my opinion. But it was still a better effort than past Raws.

    I dont care about Sin Cara. At all. The Ryback match was hilarious. Stan Stansky?!?!? Really?? Thats awesome. Im naming my next goldfish that. Im really digging Ryback as well. At this point I wouldnt mind seeing him vs these two goofs every week until further notice. 2 > 1.

    I LOVED the Q&A with Daniel Bryan. He needs to do them every episode. He should have his own show like the Jericho Highlight Reel or Carlito’s Cabana. Punk vs. Kane was pretty darn good, but not as good as SD. Kinda bummed that Kane won, but I guess its to make me believe he can win at No Way Out. The inclusion of AJ in this storyline is soooo bloody fantastic. She is absolutely brilliant. I didnt want to see Kane in this match at all originally, but now Im very much digging this storyline. This is great stuff. I see AJ siding with Bryan, and I see Bryan winning the title in 2 weeks. He will pin Kane, which doesnt bury Punk in this storyline, which will allow us to have Bryan vs Punk until Summerslam hopefully.

    I think Reks and Hawkins should have beaten Truth and Kofi. There are no heel tag teams left for them to beat, really. And these two looked pretty impressive. What a worthless title to be holding. Wow.

    The Cole/Cena segment had me laughing the whole time. I usually find stuff like this corny and lame as heck, but Ive been wanting someone to absolutely humiliate Cole for 2 years now. And this was perfect. I loved it. I am satisfied. Please…no more now. I do not want another storyline where Cole/Lawler is the main focus of everything. Please no.

    No Miz…disappointing.
    No Ryder…disappointing.
    Ziggler loses again…disappointing.
    I too want to see Antonio Cesaro.

    Question: will we ever see Brock Lesnar again? Are they waiting til it gets closer to Summerslam or is he legit done? It would suck if he was done. Oh, and LOL at Mae Young giving birth to a hand. Laughed my ass off when I read that. I remember that, too.
    Line of the night: “Nah. People don’t like wrestling.” LOL GIVE ME MORE KHALI!!!!

    • Seems like you pretty much agree with me that Raw was good because we are settling for it. It’s not exactly what we want to see, but we will take it if that’s the best that they can do right now. The ratings do show that people don’t care about Big Show. He was left off the show for the same reason that Cena was last week. They wanted to give them both their own separate weeks to dominate. It holds off their collision of one another until the PPV. Glad you agree with me on the Smackdown thing. As Booker T would say “OH MY GOODNESS!”

      You naming your next goldfish Stan Stansky cracked me up. I’m okay with Ryback vs two jobbers for a month or so. Then they need to switch it up. But him facing real talent will never be as entertaining as him killing two 80 pound guys.

      Actually Daniel Bryan does do the Q and A every show. He mostly does it on Smackdown though. You must not have noticed. I don’t want to see anymore talk shows though lol. I though Punk vs Kane may have been better than Smackdown. I’d have to watch them both again though. AJ is awesome. Bryan will pin Kane. That is why Kane has been put in this situation. They needed a way to take the title off Punk without him losing it, and after being screwed by AJ.

      Hawkins and Reks were okay. I don’t think they are tag champ material at all. They were just okay. Darren Young and Titus O’Neill are better and are probably who they are pushing. I want to see a heel Evan Bourn come back and target Kofi for replacing him. Evan Bourn as a heel is money. He’s a smart ass. He and Tyson Kidd would make a bad ass tag team. Or they can debut Kasius Ohno to be his partner. This is the exciting booking that the WWE needs me for.

      I also agree with you that this should forever bury the Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross thing. But it won’t. Kinda random that they brought it back out of nowhere tonight. They should have been smart and built it up for a few weeks with Cole bad mouthing Cena.

      You know what? I was going to do a paragraph tonight talking about Lesnar, but for some reason I decided not to. A lot of people are asking about him. He already has a set amount of dates that he is booked for over the next year. It’s nowhere near every single week. But he’s booked a good bit. The idea is that he will probably come in and have “big fights” like they do in the UFC. He only competed every few months in the UFC. They want it to be realistic like that. They want every match to have meaning and a “big fight” feel. You’ll probably see him a little more before Summerslam, but you’ll definitely see him face Triple H at Summerslam. From there I’m sure he will feud with one or two more people before moving on to Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

      • yeah we are definitely settling on the quality of Raw, as unfortunate as that is. Its stupid that Show/Cena will headline No Way Out. But we are just beating a dead horse here, unless Creative really does read this blog and they see this.

        And yeah I think I have seen Bryan do his Q&A before. I admittedly dont watch Smackdown as religiously as I do Raw (its a friday night lol), but I do recall seeing it before. Yeah Young and O’Neill were pretty impressive on SD last Friday. I hope they keep getting a push. They have the look. Evan Bourne as a heel would be a good idea. You should be head creative. ALL IN FAVOR SAY I. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

        I have no idea why they re-brought up the Cole storyline either. Very random stuff. But hey…I was entertained at least. Not terribly interested in Lesnar vs HHH. As I would guess that Hunter goes over, as usual. I want to see Lesnar vs Sheamus!

        • I don’t think that it’s a lock that Big Show/Cena will main event, but it’s likely. That would be awful. I have to DVR Smackdown and sometimes can’t watch until Sunday. They need to bring Bourn back as a heel asap. I want to see Lesnar again. Raw has really gone down hill since he’s been off tv. Before that we weren’t complaining so much. No way HHH goes over on Lesnar after his loss to Cena.

  3. I’m getting extremely tired of Cena and his promos. All of them are just pure weak. I’d rather see Kane cut a promo than him. But at least it’s better than having the Big Show crammed into your throat every 10 minutes like last week.

    I’m getting tired of Sheamus’ winning form. He’s just winning too many times. I think the last time he lost was against Chris Jericho at Smackdown but he still only lost by countout. Ziggler should have at least won that match if he’s planning to go solo.

    I was happy to see Ryback at Raw. He reminds me of a more dominating Stone Cold Steve Austin for some reason lol. I like his “job squasher” gimmick but I want him to have a decent match soon. Maybe against Sheamus or even Cesaro (I seen Cesaro’s match against Tyson Kidd at Superstars and he put a decent match).

    It’s funny how Cena’s and HHH’s favorite moment in Raw was about themselves. Pure modesty eh?

    Kane vs Punk was solid. I enjoy their matches. Looks like that Triple Threat match will be happening. Are you still gonna watch No Way Out then? If not, you can rely on me to tell you all about it lol. AJ is really working wonders with her psycho gimmick. She’s really making this feud more intense between the three men. I’m actually looking forward to their match.

    P.S: Have you seen Damien Sandow on SD? He cuts great promos and he defeated Ezeikel Jackson which is great for him. I hope he gets a push soon.

    • I can’t go as far as to say that I’d rather see a Kane promo than a Cena one. Both of those things are better than seeing Big Show 100 times though. I’ve bee tired of Sheamus for awhile. Used to like him. I don’t want to see Ryback vs legit guys quite yet. I want more jobbers. Don’t rush it. Cesaro vs Kidd on Superstars was great. I tweeted about that match. LOL on the comment about Cena and HHH’s favorite moment being themselves. Kane vs Punk was solid because of Punk. Anyone vs Punk in an elongated match will be great. I will try to find a feed of No Way Out. If I miss some, I’m not worried. I’m not looking forward to it. AJ has been the highlight of Raw each week. I like Damien Sandow. I love his gimmick, love his charisma, love the way he holds the mic, love the way he carries himself, and love his intensity.

  4. The recent Raws have been very bad before this one, and I was glad to see tonight’s raw start a point of better raws to come. I only dislike one thing about this raw, besides the promo those tow jobbers did together before getting the s*** beat out of them by Ryback, is the usage of John Cena. I mean, I was thrilled to see him back in the ring wrestling, but I notcied that he’s only used for ppv’s and occasional matches on Raw and/or Smackdown. He was in title picture a year before, and he was doing a good job with his rivalries with Truth and Punk. Now he’s used for non-title matches and comedic little segments? WTF! I paid good money to see Cena on Raw twice in 2011, even on my birthday, and now he’s used for this. Bull-crap! Pure bull-crap! ANd what’s with Daniel Bryan suddenly changing from Smackdown to Raw. And you know what? I hate Sheamus! There, I said it. I hate Sheamus! I hate how he won the rumble, because this is the second year in a row that a rookie won the rumble, and oddly, the second time the royal rumble winner opened the show, and I hate how he says ass. I know he’s Irish, but so am I! On the other hand, I think the writers are trying to make AJ look like a woman who needs attention almost all the time, like a sociopath, but not too much. And I like that idea. I’d actually like to see her and Punk together, even though that would taer me apart because I have a massive crush on her. Every time she’s on screen, I litterally jump off my couch. BTW Michael, Sandow’s character is stupid. I mean, it’s like he believes he’s the reincarnated Rousseau. That’s a mental health issue to me. And Mark, I like your idea of bringing back Bourne and making him go after Kofi for replacing him. I also think the only thing I want to see is another Cena vs. Orton fued. That’s a main event bringing in money right there!

    • Cmon you gotta love the promo by Stansky and Rosenberg. Highlight of the night! Cena has been overbooked. But I don’t think he needs to be in the title picture though. I like him better in more meaningful feuds that don’t involve the title. Like the ones with Nexus, The Rock, and Brock Lesnar. Bryan is on the Smackdown roster, but because they do “supershows” anyone can appear anywhere. Bryan wrestles on Smackdown more than he does on Raw. I agree with you on Sheamus. Not entertained by him anymore. And he gets blown up in long matches. What kind of a champion is that. His time is up. And Del Rio isn’t the answer either. How about Tensai as World Heavyweight Champion. AJ is great. Not much else I can say about her while staying composed. I like Sandow! Bring back Bourn! You won’t see Orton for awhile because he was suspended for the 2nd time for steroids. One more time and he’s gone.

  5. Can’t wait to see what McMahon does next week. Not seen him in some time now. I’m loving AJ’s character at the moment. She is turning out to be a complete Psycho. What’s happening to the loud “yes” chants from the crowd? It’s completely wearing off. I suppose if Bryan wins the title from Punk, the crowd will get behind Bryan for sure. I am guessing AJ might cost Punk the title at No Way Out. Cena vs Big Show is a completely pointless match. Where did that come from. They started their feud last PPV, then why not get it over with already on Raw? I am starting to think Tensai is a major flop. I heard Ryback will get a major push on smackdown. I really hope they give him a feud. Tired of watching him beat up local jobbers. Why does the crowd cheer him anyway? If he want’s to prove he is tough put him up with someone his size like Tensai, Clay or Mason Ryan. No divas match again? I guess creative writers just don’t want to waste time of divas division but is too lazy to write a script for Ryback eh? I am sick and tired of cole. Why do we have to see commentators involved with wrestlers all the time now? I don’t know about you guys but Show isn’t impressive to me at all. He is a wannabe Mark Henry. His promo about how destructible he is was so much similar with Brock Lesnar’s promo. Show has completely lost the spark of the heel that he once was. That is so weak. Why on earth is Kane involved with Punk and Bryan now? Seriously? Where did that come from? So the angle they gave Kane is telling him to randomly start beating up Bryan and Punk for no reason and Kane will be given a title opportunity at the next PPV?

    • I guess it will be cool to see McMahon. The YES chants are wearing off because the crowds are becoming mark crowds again. Real wrestling fans were at all the shows surrounding Wrestlemania weekend. They will be back and strong in real wrestling towns. There is a chance that AJ costs Punk the title at No Way Out. That would be my bet. I don’t see Tensai being a flop at all. He hasn’t had a feud yet. I don’t want to see Ryback face real guys quite yet. I like the jobber thing for now. I like him against jobbers because of how he destroys them. The stiffness is hilarious. I love it. It is surprising just how little the Diva’s are being used. I like Michael Cole, but not the in ring stuff anymore. Big Show woulda been cool as a heel, but not when he’s over used. They already ruined it. I think I already explained and made sense of Kane being in the Bryan and Punk match. Read that paragraph after the Punk vs Kane match above.

  6. Is this how low WWE has fallen ?? Gosh….People power ??? sounds lamer than Michael Cole !!

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