The time has finally arrived.  The most anticipated night in WWE, wrestling, Raw, and television history.  It’s the epic 1,000th episode-a feat that no other weekly episodic show has ever gotten to in the history of television.  And it promises to be star studed and nostalgic. Let’s do this.

Raw begins with a highlight video of past Raw moments.  Dozens of them.  All the celebrities, Vince saying “Bret screwed Bret”, Flair’s goodbye, the Eddie Guerrero tribute show the night after his death, Shawn Michaels “I lost my smile”, Shane McMahon buys WCW, and even Val Venis and the “choppy choppy your pee pee” line.  Phenomenal open.  Raw seems to have a new introduction song.  It’s a rap song.  I wish rap didn’t exist.  I hate it as much as disease and the New York Yankees.  But let’s not be angry on a night like this.  That’s hard for me to do….I know.

Vince McMahon comes to the ring.  What other way can you start the show?  Vince thanks the people.  A “thank you Vince” chant breaks out.  He gives the old school “welcome to Monday Night Raw” intro.  He introduces D-Generation X.  Are you ready?  I am.

Shawn Michaels and Triple H come to the ring.  Shawn Michaels tries to talk on the mic, but he’s blown up.  As in comical blown up.  Shawn says something is missing.  Oh thank god.  We all know where this is going.  Bring them out!  Triple H says “didn’t there used to be more of us?”  Big crowd pop.  Rightfully so.  This is an extremely long time coming.  Many years after their departure I hoped for this moment to happen.  The entire D-Generation X group was the coolest thing of our childhood.  It gave us all a new perspective on life and brought out our inner rebel.  I know my middle school teachers had a hard time with me because of my DX-like rebelliousness. Here they come!

The army tank drives out with The New Age Outlaws and X-Pac.  Big celebration.  Road Dogg picks up the mic.  “Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages.”  Great to hear.  He even censored himself with a “beep” on Bad Ass Billy Gunn.  Next Triple H goes through the “Are you ready” spiel.  He makes a joke about himself being the only one with a full head of hair.  Then comes an awesome moment where Billy Gunn and Shawn Michaels fight over who’s going to say the next line.  Of course Billy used to say it.  And then Shawn Michaels took over the line in the newer version of DX.  Triple H tells Billy not to have Shawn Michaels lose his smile again.  Because he might pose for Playgirl again.  Haha!  Michaels said he was young and needed the money.  Hilarious.

Damien Sandow’s music hits.  Interesting time for his Raw debut.  Sandow comes out talking in big words and trash talks DX.  Michaels says that Sandow is correct and that Michaels will now go home and go to church again.  Triple H says that he’s right but that the whole group needs to discuss.  They huddle in a group and spin around in circles.  Then there is a 1-2-3 DX hand raise.  Shawn Michaels hits Sandow with Sweet Chin Music.  Pedigree by Triple H.  Billy Gunn grabs the mic and says “if you’re not down with that, we got two words for ya…SUCK IT.”  The greatest catch phrase ever.  All of us have crotch chopped an authority figure at some point in our life.  Wonderful segment.  Interesting dynamic.  I know Billy Gunn has had bad blood with Triple H, so I’m glad that was worked out for this.  X-Pac looked to be in decent health too.  They all pose at the entrance ramp and do the crotch chops with the X pyro.

Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, and World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus vs. Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, and Alberto Del Rio w/ Vickie Guerrero and Ricardo Rodriguez – Jim Ross is on commentary.  Not a fan of his.  Tonight is too important to discuss why.  The gimmick here is the odd teaming of Jericho and Ziggler after their newly started feud.  Ziggler and Sin Cara start.  Ziggler attacks him in the corner.  Jumping elbow drop.  Two count.  Too early for a pinfall attempt.  Ziggler tags Jericho.  They do a double team move while staring at one another.  Jericho applies a grounded headlock.  Was hoping for a quick paced start with all these small guys.  Sin Cara reverses an Irish whip into a rollup.  Two count.  Jericho hits a running drop kick to the knee.  He does his old school “come on baby” pose over Sin Cara.  Big pop from the crowd.  Jericho smiles.  Tag to Del Rio.  Running kick to the shoulder followed by a front headlock.  Sin Cara fights out to the corner.  He gets the boots up on a charging Del Rio.  Swinging hurricane DDT by Sin Cara.

Hot tag to Sheamus.  Clubbing blows to Jericho.  Running knee lift.  Jericho rolls down his back but is caught in the Irish Curse back breaker.  Mysterio comes in and hurricanranas Del Rio to the outside.  Sin Cara kicks Ziggler to the outside.  Jericho dumps Sin Cara.  Sheamus picks Jericho up for the White Noise, but Jericho rolls down his back.  He goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Sheamus rolls out.  He attempts a Code Breaker, but is thrown into the corner.  Jericho runs off the ropes, but is purposefully hit by a leaping Ziggler.  Sheamus knocks Ziggler off the apron.  Brogue Kick to Jericho.  Sheamus’ team wins.  I seriously hope that Jericho does more than just job tonight.  I like the continuation in feud with he and Ziggler.  Good to see it progress.  Excited for that feud.  Mysterio barely did anything.  I guess he’s still banged up and is taking it easy.

Charlie Sheen is live.  He is on a poor quality Skype feed.  Sheen says he would be a good DX member and that Sheamus probably parties as hard as he did.

AJ is in the back with Layla.  She’s preparing for her wedding.  She says they want it to be private.  Haha.  That’s funny.  Like that will happen.  Layla asks if she wants to go through with her wedding.  AJ asks why people keep saying she’s mentally unstable.  AJ says that the entire WWE is unstable.  She opens a door to prove it.  We see Hacksaw Jim Duggan walking by with his 2X4 yelling “hooooo.”  Then we see Rowdy Roddy Piper and R-Truth playing jump rope with an invisible Lil Jimmy.  Layla says its cute that they are playing with a child.  AJ shows an awesome new side of charisma and says that it’s an invisible child.  Layla says Lil Jimmy is dancing.  AJ says “how do you know he’s even dancing.”  Very funny stuff.

And then comes the funniest segment of the night.  It’s Mae Young with a giant guy in a hand suit.  The guy says that he’s Mae Young’s son.  I just laughed my ass off.  Full out busting out laughing.  I don’t think I need to explain the worst segment ever where old woman Mae Young was pregnant and gave birth to a hand.  Well now the hand is all grown up.  Absolutely hilarious.  One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life.  A full grown hand that talks.  Wow.  Just wow.  He must have been born with bad vision because he’s wearing glasses.  Would it be too far for me to ask why the hand isn’t half black?

Jack Swagger vs. The Funkasaurus Brodus Clay w/ The Funkadactuls- Brodus is wearing a red, white, and blue patriotic singlet.  Brodus Clay introduces Dude Love.  Foley comes out dancing.  Awesome.  I literally said to someone today that I wished Foley would do the Dude Love gimmick above all the others.  Swagger charges Clay to start the match.  It’s unsuccessful.  T-Bone suplex.  Running splash.  3 count.  Clay wins.  Short match.  Who cares?  I don’t really care to see that much wrestling tonight.  Yes, I just said that.  This is awesome.  Brodus Clay and Dude Love dance together.  Tie-dyed Mr. Socko is put on and delivered to Swagger.  Clay and Dude Love continue to dance.

Triple H and Trish Stratus are in the back.  They are talking about yoga.  Trish helps him with exercises.  He bends over and she gets behind him.  The rest of DX walks in while he’s in the awkward position.  Road Dogg says “we will just leave through the back door.”  Lol.  Funny stuff.  One small complaint.  Why didn’t Stephanie walk in on him?  That’s what happened in the original skit years ago.  On the other hand, the more skits with DX the better.  X-Pac stays in the room with Trish.  He gets close to her and she wants to get away.

It’s time for Daniel Bryan and AJ’s wedding.  Jerry Lawler is in the decorated ring.  He introduces Slick.  Slick comes out dancing.  He has some size to him now.  They had the fans vote on whether or not AJ should say “I do.”  The fans voted no.  What is wrong with people?  Really?  Slick is the preacher.  He talks but I have no idea what he says.  Daniel Bryan comes out.  YES YES YES YES YES YES.  He is wearing all white.  I asked my fiance if I can wear all white in my wedding just like Daniel.  She said no.  Bummer.  I hope Daniel comes to my wedding.  I’m witnessing his.  We will have to start tweeting at him again.  “Here comes the bride” plays.  Isn’t that song for after the wedding is over?  AJ makes her way down the aisle in a dress and Converse shoes.

Slick starts the ceremony.  I was unaware that Slick was a certified preacher.  Fascinating.  The fans chant “what?” after all of his lines.  So he continues to repeat “marriage” after each “what.”  We get to the line about how someone should speak now or forever hold their peace.  They all look around.  Nobody comes out.  That has to be the first time in WWE history!  Slick says he’s never seen that before.  Daniel says his vows.  He says he loves her and that a new chapter is about to begin.  He has everything he’s ever wanted.  I’ve never recapped a wedding before.  I’ll try my best on this part.  “Do you Bryan take AJ to be your wife?”  YES!  “Do you AJ?”  YES YES YES!  AJ stops and says wait.  She says she wasn’t saying YES to Daniel.  Uh oh.  Turn of events.  She was saying yes to someone else.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  She says it’s another man that made a proposal to her earlier in the night.

Vince McMahon’s music hits.  The crowd goes crazy.  Vince says that it’s a business proposal.  Phew.  Vince wants to introduce the new General Manager of Monday Night Raw.  AJ!  Wow.  She smiles, shoves the flowers in Daniel’s face, and skips around him.  Daniel rips the flowers up.  AJ yells YES YES YES on the entrance ramp.  Daniel screams NO and destroys the set, a la every other wedding in Raw history.  Poor Daniel.  I’m angry for him.  So AJ is the Raw GM huh?  I like it.  She’s super over.  People love her.  Daniel remains a heel.  She will now probably make his life hell in her role.  There really isn’t a lot of back story here as to why AJ left him though.  That part is a little weak.  I do love how Bryan received an entire elongated segment on the most important Raw ever.  Another entertaining segment.  I didn’t expect them to tie in the General Manager storyline into this feud.  I expected candidates to come out.  This works though.

Back from break, Bryan is still in the ring.  He’s shouting NO NO NO as referees try to remove him.  CM Punk’s music hits.  He says he doesn’t want to rub it in Bryan’s face, but he did just get stood up at the altar.  He says it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy and that Bryan treated AJ so well.  Sarcasm of course.  Punk says that Bryan can continue to cry while Punk continues to be the best in the world.  Bryan says that Punk isn’t better than him.  Bryan says that he is the best wrestler of all time.  Of all time…

The Rock’s music hits.  He comes down to the ring and poses.  This should be interesting seeing how Punk has made bad public statements about him.  This will be their first altercation.  The Rock poses on the turnbuckle in typical fashion.  The Rock says that Bryan doesn’t get to say who the greatest of all time is.  Apparently the people get to say that.  “Finally The Rock has come back to St. Louis.”  “The Rock says”. . . Bryan interrupts him.  Rocky says that nobody cuts The Rock off.  “Boots to Asses” chant from the crowd.  Bryan begins to unbutton his vest.  The Rock says he won his first championship in St. Louis.  He says he isn’t there to talk to Frodo.  He says he’s there to talk about the WWE Championship.  Punk walks up to him.  The Rock says that he will receive a title shot at the Royal Rumble with whoever is champion.  Punk says that he will still be champion at that time.  Punk says he wishes The Royal Rumble were tomorrow and that he will beat him.  The Rock says that he will win the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble.

Bryan interrupts and says that this was supposed to be the greatest night of his life.  Bryan says that The Rock will fight him.  He says he will be the face of the WWE.  The Rock says Bryan is the result of a homeless lumberjack banging an Oompa Loompa.  Then he sings ‘Oompa Loompa doopity ding, you look like a troll from Lord of the Rings.”  Pretty damn funny.  The Rock says he has a wedding gift for Bryan.  He hits him with a Rock Bottom.  Punk stands with his arms crossed and watches him leave.  Interesting choice to make his title match at Royal Rumble.  That is the Road to Wrestlemania though.  I guess that means no Rock match at Summerslam.  The Rock getting a title shot will be great.  He’s obviously deserving after his win against Cena at Wrestlemania.  I’m pretty sure it will be Rock vs. CM Punk too.  They just built it up.  It will happen.  And it will be great.  You know what else was great?  Seeing Daniel Bryan in TWO segments during the most important Raw of all time!

Bret “The Hitman” Hart comes to the ring.  My favorite wrestler of all time.  I got to meet him last month and it was one of the best moments of my life.  Speaking of best moments…Bret says one of the best moments of his career was winning the Intercontinental Championship against Mr. Perfect.  With that he introduces the Intercontinental Champion Christian.  Next he introduces his opponent The Miz.  Awwwweeesssoommmeeee.  Miz’s big black trench coat is sweet.

Intercontinental Championship: Christian (c) vs. The Miz- Waist lock by Christian to start, reversed into a Miz headlock.  Shoulder block by Christian after an Irish whip.  Missile drop kick off the top rope by Christian.  He throws Miz over the top rope.  Christian goes to the top rope and jumps to the outside onto Miz in a body press.  That’s a commercial spot.  I was wondering why the beginning of the match was so rushed.  It was to get to a quick commercial spot.  Back from break, Miz has Christian in an inverted single leg crab.  Christian kicks out of it.  Miz runs at him, but is caught in a reverse DDT.  Uppercut by Christian followed by a forearm to the face after a rope bounce.  Miz falls into the ropes.  Christian jumps to the outside and uppercuts him from the apron.  Two back elbows off the top rope by Christian.  Miz ducks a clothesline but is caught in a sunset flip off the top rope.  Two count.  Christian uses another sunset flip, but Miz boots him in the face.

Christian is selling his knee because of his dive off the top.  Miz attacks his knee in the corner.  Christian comes back with a hurricane DDT off the ropes.  Two count.  Christian goes for the spear, but is kicked in the gut and hit with a nasty DDT.  Two count by Miz.  He runs at Christian in the corner, but he moves.  Christian attempts the Kill Switch, but is pushed into the corner.  He goes for another Kill Switch, but Miz reverses again.  Christian then reverses Miz, and attempts the Kill Switch yet again, but his knee gives out.  Miz takes advantage and hits the Skull Crushing Finale.  1-2-3.  Miz is the new Intercontinental Champion!  Thank god.  He needed that title badly.  Very much deserved.  It’s about time they are using him correctly.  He is now a grand slam champion having been the WWE Champion, United States Champion, and Intercontinental Champion.  Love it.  The Miz truly is awesome.

Charlie Sheen is live again.  Once again on Skype.  He is excited to see The Rock at Royal Rumble.  Sheen says that Daniel Bryan is a weasel with anger management issues.  He tells the Oompa Loompa to man up.

Regis Philbin video.  He talks about this being the 1,000th episode.  His first guest was a wrestler.  He talks about his Wrestlemania appearance and all the guests that he’s had that were wrestlers.

Triple H comes to the ring.  I didn’t realize half the show would be to honor Triple H.  In all fairness he does have an angle going on aside from the DX stuff.  Triple H says it’s time to pick up the intensity.  He wants to fight Brock Lesnar at Summerslam.  He wants an answer now.  Brock Lesnar’s music hits.  Paul Heyman comes out.  Triple H wants to talk to the horse’s head and not the horse’s ass.  Heyman says that Lesnar is in the building.  Heyman has the answer.  The answer is still no.  Triple H wants to go to the back to find him.  Heyman says that’s not best for business with two lawsuits already pending.  Triple H asks why Lesnar is such a coward that he can’t come say no to his face.  Heyman says “name calling?”  Paul Heyman is so good on the mic.  Heyman says he teaches his children not to name call.  He asks if Triple H tells his children that.  Triple H smacks the mic out of his hand.  He tells him not to talk about his family.  Heyman apologizes and says that he feels sorry for Triple H’s children.

Stephanie McMahon’s music hits.  She comes to the ring and gets in Heyman’s face.  She tells him to never speak about her children again.  She says the lawsuits are just Heyman hiding behind his business failures.  She says he failed in WCW, ECW, and WWE.  (Cough cough not true cough cough.)  Stephanie says that Heyman’s children are ashamed of him.  Isn’t that what she just told him not to do?  Stephanie slaps Heyman across the face.  Heyman is very angry.  He asks Stephanie if she wants to see her husband get hurt.  He screams that Triple H has got his match.  Then he tells Stephanie that she always gets what she wants and that her children will be spoiled too.  Stephanie Thesz Presses Heyman.  She punches him repeatedly.

Brock Lesnar’s music hits.  He pushes Triple H straight into the corner and punches at him.  Triple H fights him back to the opposite corner.  Triple H clotheslines Brock Lesnar over the top rope and onto the ramp. They both take their shirts off and stare at one another.  Lesnar and Heyman head up the ramp and to the back.  So I guess this whole show is to put Triple H over huh?  Lesnar vs. Triple H will now main event Summerslam.  That will be a good match.  Although I don’t want to see it main event.  It certainly will though.  CM Punk should main event the show.  But we go through this every month.  How many consecutive months will this be where he doesn’t main event a PPV?  Okay, that’s enough of the negativity.  This night is supposed to be fun.  Moving on.

Tout videos.  Kofi Kingston Touts and asks fans what they think.  Then they show a bunch of fans talking about Raw on Tout.  I should get a Tout.  But if I get one I’m going to scream all my answers quickly.  So when they say “who should be GM”  I’ll yell “William Regal!”  End of video.  What do you think of Sin Cara?  “He sucks!”  End of video.

Stone Cold tribute video. It shows all of his best moments.  I guess that’s their way to include him on this night.  Why wouldn’t he be there?  Even The Rock was there.  He should have forgotten his redneck show and showed up.  How can you have a Raw celebration without Stone Cold?  He’s the biggest name to have ever appeared on Raw.  I don’t understand.  I’m completely befuddled.

Santino Marella and Hornswoggle come to the ring.  They have brawling buddies in their hands.  #1 why aren’t they called wrestling buddies like they were back when I was a kid?  #2 why are they smaller than the original ones?  #3 why do they talk?  That’s retarded.  I still have my original wrestling buddies.  Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, and Ted DiBiase.  This leads to an appearance by Howard Finkle.  The Fink is the special ring announcer.  He introduces Heath Slater.

Heath Slater comes to the ring.  I’m jjjjuuuuussstttt oooonnnneeeee mmmmmmaaannnnnn.  I love Slater.  They chose this match for Finkle to announce?  Of all matches?  Why not the main event?  Slater gets on the mic.  He says his match tonight is all anyone should remember.  He challenges any legend to a no DQ, no count out match.  Lita comes out.  Yes, CM Punk’s girlfriend Lita.  Slater laughs at her and accepts her challenge.  Lita says she’s hired some protection.  The APA’s music hits.  Bradshaw and Faarooq make their way to the ring.  Weird saying Bradshaw and Faarooq and not JBL and Ron Simmons.  Heath Slater tries to leave and heads up the ramp.  Ooohhhh what a rush.  Road Warrior Animal’s music hits.  Animal, Rikishi, Roddy Piper, Sgt. Slaughter, DDP, Bob Backlund, Psycho Sid, Doink, and Vader attack Slater.  They send him back into the ring.

Lita vs. Heath Slater- Lita hits the Twist of Fate on Slater.  Nasty Clothesline From Hell from Bradshaw.  Nasty.  He took Slater’s head off.  Lita hits a moonsault.  She gets the 3 count.  Lita wins.  All the legends stand over Slater as Faarooq takes the mic.  They pose for awhile before he says……….DAMN!

Sean Mooney is in the back.  The first ever interviewer in Raw history.  Mooney interviews Daniel Bryan.  Bryan is angry at Charlie Sheen.  He says Sheen needs life management.  Bryan says he would put the YES Lock on Sheen faster than he could say “winning.”  3 Daniel Bryan segments?  Terrific.  Love it.  Bryan should be the focus.  So does this set up for Charlie Sheen vs. Daniel Bryan at Summerslam?  Or is that a stretch?  Or will Sheen be in the corner of whoever Bryan faces?  That would be great for Bryan’s career.  I definitely want to see him have an elongated match at Summerslam, so I’m hoping he gets a real opponent.  But having Sheen in his opponent’s corner would be pretty awesome.

Michael Cole interviews Alex Guerrero Jr. Who?  The guy that won a contest by being Raw’s 100,000,000th follower.  Did I get all the 0’s in?  Cole interviews him.  Cole says that guy has now lived his life long dream of being interviewed by Cole.

Catchphrase package.  Fozzy the Muppet introduces the package.  Here they are.  Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages, can I have your attention please, Raw is Jericho, we got 2 words for ya, excuse me, what, would you please shut the hell up, can you dig that sucka, YES YES YES, indeed, woo woo woo you know it, DAMN, You’re fired, have a nice day, I am the game, I am the best in the world at what I do, Really?, so for the benefit of those with flash photography, you can’t see me, if you smell what The Rock is cookin, and that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so.  Glad they included the Funaki “Indeed.”

Zack Ryder, Mean Gene Okerlund, and John Cena are in the back.  Ryder says that Mean Gene was in charge of GTV.  Okerlund says he wasn’t even working there at the time.  The Rock walks up.  Ryder and Okerlund exit.  That leaves The Rock and John Cena alone.  Rock wishes him luck.  Cena says he will win the title so he gets another match with Rock.  Rock says he’s looking forward to it.

Kane comes to the ring.  Jinder Mahal’s music hits.  He comes out with Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins, Hunico, and Comacho.  He says they all haven’t been given an opportunity.  They surround the ring to attack Kane….

The Undertaker’s music hits.  He comes out in an awesome spiked jacket that makes him look like Shredder.  He stares at Kane.  Undertaker takes off his hood to reveal a bald head with a tiny mohawk.  The heels hit the ring.  Undertaker and Kane punch away at them and send them over the top rope.  Double chokeslam to Hunico and Hawkins.  Followed by a double Tombstone by the Brothers of Destruction.  The crowd chants “this is awesome.”  Undertaker poses with his purple lighting.  Kane raises his arms for his fiery explosion.  Nostalgia is fun.

Charlie Sheen is live again.  Sheen is talking about Bryan.  He calls him goat face.  Sheen says he’s not hard to find and that Bryan should come find him the next time he’s in Los Angeles.  Michael Cole points out that Summerslam is in Los Angeles.  Good stuff.

WWE Championship: CM Punk (c) vs. John Cena- Hand shake to start.  Code of Honor?  (Ring of Honor plug.)  Tie up.  Cena works Punk into a headlock.  “Let’s go Cena, Cena sucks” chants.  Cena sends Punk off the ropes and hits a shoulder block.  Reset and tieup.  Another headlock by Cena.  Another whip off the ropes results in another shoulder block.  Cena whips Punk a third time, but is caught in a back slide for a two count.  Another tieup.  Punk works Cena into a hammerlock.  Punk turns it into an abdominal stretch.  Cena counters with a hip toss.  They separate again.  The psychology of the match is showing equality in the early going.  Another tie up.  Cena backs Punk into the corner and takes a clean break.  Tie up #52.  I kid.  I actually really like this. Punk chops Cena and knees him in the gut.  Cena begins to brawl with punches in the corner.  Headlock take down.  Punk counters with a back suplex.  Hard kick to Cena’s back.  Backbreaker by Punk followed by a two count.

Punk turns to submission with a leg lock into a reverse chin hold.  Cena gets to his feet, powers out, and kicks Punk in the gut.  The two punch back and forth to gain momentum.  Punk starts kicking the shins and using forearms.  Punk reverses an Irish whip, but is hit with a shoulder block.  Cena attempts a suplex, but but flips down his back.  Neck breaker by Punk.  Cena powders to the corner and is hit with a running high knee.  Punk mocks Cena with the “you can’t see me” motion.  Cena throws Punk to the mat.  He attempts the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, but Punk kicks him in the face during the “you can’t see me” taunt.  Punk goes for the GTS, but Cena rolls out.  Accidental referee bump.  Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment.  There is no referee to make the count.

Big Show comes down the aisle.  He spears Cena.  Punk stays in the corner and watches.  Weapon of Mass Destruction by Big Show.  Punk looks on and doesn’t know what to do.  He hesitates to wake up the referee, but he does.  The referee crawls back in the ring and Punk goes for the pinfall.  Cena kicks out after two.  False finish.  Punk picks Cena up and attempts the GTS.  Cena counters into the STF.  Big Show hits the ring again and elbows Cena in the back of the head.  This time it’s a disqualification.  Big Show continues to attack Cena.  Punk turns his back and doesn’t help.  The Rock’s music hits.  He comes running down the aisle.  The Rock fires away at Big Show.  Spine buster by The Rock.  Rocky goes for The People’s Elbow, but Punk comes flying out of nowhere with a clothesline.  The people begin to boo.  Punk picks The Rock up and hits the GTS.  More boos from the crowd.  Punk takes his title and exits the ring.  CM Punk has just turned heel.  I don’t think any of us saw that coming.  It makes sense.  What main event heels are there for him to face?  I did really like Punk as a face though.  Of course I like him as a heel also.  I think I like face CM Punk better though.

Great Raw overall.  Lot’s of nostalgia.  I’ll keep it mainly positive, because that’s what a gathering like this deserves.  No Stone Cold is pretty bad, but the rest was great.  The DX reunion stole the show for me.  Here’s to us experiencing the next 1,000 episodes together.  That was a cheesy line.  Let me try that again.  Here’s to us having to put up with a bunch of crap now that we’re in the post 1,000 era.  That’s better.  AJ as the GM could help the show, but I’m sure it will start to go down hill from here.  But you never know.  I’ve just learned to never get my hopes up.  Regardless, it was great to just sit back and watch as a true wrestling fan tonight.  I hope you were all able to do the same.  Thanks for making these articles a success.  Continue to help spread them for me.  Let me know what you want more of.  These wouldn’t exist without the readers.  I guess the Anniversary of Raw is a good time for me to thank you all.  As usual, leave comments!