WWE Raw Results 8/20/12 from Fresno, CA

Raw begins with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman coming to the ring. Heyman says that the Lesnar/Triple H match at Summerslam was hard to watch.  He says that he sat at the commentary table 11 years ago and did a better job than Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.  He was there live when Triple H tore his quad and still finished the match.  This is all in reference to how impressive of a feat it was for Lesnar to make Triple H tap out at Summerslam.  Heyman says that Triple H quit on his family, career, and fans.  This promo is as fabulous as usual.  Honestly Paul Heyman probably has better mic skills than any manager in the history of wrestling.  Heyman brings up how Triple H pulled a referee into his locker room at Summerslam, and asked him not to stop the match.  Heyman wants referee Scott Armstrong to come to the ring.  “Brock Lesnar” and “Paul Heyman” are trending on Twitter.

Scott Armstrong hesitantly makes his way to the ring.  Brock Lesnar gets in his face and puts his arm around his head.  Lesnar pats him on the head and says “good job.”  Heyman anoints Brock Lesnar “The New King of King’s” and “The Master of the Brocktagon.”  Get it?  That’s cute.  Brocktagon.  Because the UFC has an octagon.  You got it.  Put it on a t-shirt.  This ends the segment.  I was hoping to see a new Lesnar angle start tonight.  I was really hoping someone would come out there.  Hopefully this isn’t the end of Lesnar until Survivor Series.  I like having him around.  I like seeing him.  I really don’t think it will ever get old.  He’s just so damn believable.  He really is a scary guy.  He’s one of the toughest men on the planet.  So it makes sense for him to have these dominating appearances.  It’s refreshing.  They need to keep him around and have him work pre main events of pay per views.  I obviously want the WWE Championship provided to main event shows.  Having Lesnar go on before the championship would really make the cards look stronger.

CM Punk Tout. We see a video of Punk informing AJ that he will choose his next opponent for the WWE Championship.  Michael Cole says that AJ is actually taking it under consideration.

WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston/R-Truth and Sin Cara vs. Prime Time Players and Cody Rhodes- Before the match we see a clip from after Summerslam went off the air.  R-Truth runs up while Kofi is cutting a promo and dumps Gatorade on the imaginary “Little Jimmy.”  Seeing him do a victory splash over top of nobody was pretty funny.  Darren Young and Kofi Kingston start the match.  The match starts with a tie up and Young backed into the corner.  Young misses a punch and is caught in a side head lock.  Young shoots Kofi off the ropes and hits a shoulder block.  Irish whip followed by a double Kofi leap frog.  Kofi hits a flying clothesline.  Tag to R-Truth.  They hit a number of tag team moves.  Everyone hits the ring.  Sin Cara runs up the turnbuckle and attempts to dive onto Cody, but Cody retreats up the ramp.  The commercial spot is Kofi and Truth hitting double baseball slides to the outside on the Prime Time Players.  I’m not sure why everyone hit the ring so early.  It didn’t make much sense to the psychology of the match.  The only reason why it existed was to bring on the commercial break.  It looked too predetermined for my liking.  Please only do things that make sense.

Back from break we see Kofi fighting out of a Darren Young headlock.  He makes a hot tag to Kofi.  Kofi dances and punches.  Scissor kick to Young for a two count.  Jerry Lawler informs everyone that tonight’s social media ambassador is Khloe Kardashian.  Are you kidding me?  What the hell does she know about wrestling?  Truth whips Young into the ropes, but is caught with a back elbow to the face.  Tag to Cody Rhodes.  Rhodes uses a Russian leg sweep.  He stomps Truth’s face.  Tag to Titus O’Neil.  Titus kicks Truth multiple times and gets a two count.  Truth fights up from a headlock but is cut off with a big boot.  Another two count.  Tag to Darren Young.  Titus suplexes Young onto Truth.  Grounded scissor hold by Young, before yet another tag to O’Neil.

Young shoulder thrusts Truth into the corner.  Truth fights back by knocking the heels off the apron, but is caught in another head lock.  By this point I’m so sick of rest holds.  Titus turns around to knock Kofi off the apron and is met with a drop kick.  Tag to Sin Cara.  Head stand back elbow by Sin Cara.  Enzuguri kick from the outside apron followed by a spring board cross body.  Everyone hits the ring and the Prime Time Players are dumped to the outside.  Kofi goes running and is thrown to the outside by Truth onto the Prime Time Players..  This leaves only Cody and Sin Cara in the ring.  Cody attempts to remove Sin Cara’s mask.  Sin Cara takes out Cody’s legs and bridges over his body for the three count.  A quick pin.  Sin Cara and the tag champs win.  That was a pretty disappointing match.  Too slow.  Too many rest holds.

Matt Striker interviews AJ Lee.  Before Striker finishes his question David Otunga walks in.  He tells everyone that he has been away making a movie with Halle Berry.  Otunga tells AJ that she needs legal advice.  AJ gets mad and tells him that he will have a match against an opponent of her choosing.  Striker asks AJ about Punk choosing his opponent.  She says that she likes the idea and will let him do so, pending her approval.  Then she skips off.  AJ has great charisma.  Her acting is superb.  I can never say enough good things about her.  I think she’s really working as the Raw GM.  People like seeing her.  You could audibly hear several men whistling at her from the crowd throughout this promo.  Good to finally see Otunga back too.  I like his gimmick.  I missed his coffee mug.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talk about Khloe Kardashian. Since she’s the social media ambassador tonight, they show one of her tweets.  She says “Paul Heyman is the worst.”  Really?  You know what’s really the worst?  DUI’s.  Stick to something you know Khloe.  Like how to be fat, drunk, and talentless.  Paul Heyman is a gift to wrestling.

Ryback vs. Mike ??? and Andy ???- Jobbers!  YES!  Finally.  Ryback vs. Jobbers!  I love it!  I’ve missed it.  Ryback throws Mike to the outside.  He throws Andy into the corner.  Shoulder thrusts in the corner.  A ridicuosly stiff powerbomb by Ryback almost breaks the guy in half.  He hits three more powerbombs.  He grabs the other guy from the outside apron and reverse suplexes him into the ring.  He picks both guys up for Shell Shocked, but Jinder Mahal hits the ring.  He attacks Ryback and applies the Camel Cluth.  Ryback stands straight up out of the Camel Clutch and hits a jawbreaker.  Mahal retreats up the ramp.  Ryback picks up both jobbers and hits Shell Shocked on both of them at the same time.  Then he continues to chant “Feed me more” with the crowd.  You know what makes Ryback look like a beast?  Being in a meaningless feud with a jobber like Jinder Mahal.

Chris Jericho is in the back.  Dolph Ziggler walks up Jericho and tells him that he’s finally won the big one.  Ziggler demands a rematch.  Jericho says he’s a 6 time champion and knows how to win the big one and asks Ziggler if he does.  AJ comes skipping in out of nowhere.  She makes the rematch for tonight.  She says if Jericho loses, his contract is terminated.  If Dolph loses, his “Money in the Bank” contract goes to Jericho.  Then she skips off.  Ziggler is uneasy about this and runs after her shouting.  Well, we all know that Jericho is going away for awhile to tour with his band Fozzy.  Soooooooo………

Alberto Del Rio is walking in the back.  Ricardo Rodriguez tries to hand him coffee.  Alberto smacks it out of his hand and shouts.  I guess that means Alberto is in a foul mood tonight, huh?

Alberto Del Rio comes to the ring.  He says he should be the World Heavyweight Champion.  Predictable.  He says he was robbed at Summerslam by the referee.  He shows the clip of his foot being on the bottom rope while the referee counted his shoulders down.  He demands another World Title match right now.  Predictable.  Instead we get AJ Lee.  She skips out to the ramp.  She says “Hola Alberto.”  More men whistle.  AJ says she has no control over the World Heavyweight Championship because its a Smackdown title.  Since when?  I agree that it should be that way, but it hasn’t been over the last couple of years.  I hope they go back to that and keep it consistent.  So AJ puts Alberto in a match with Randy Orton.  Michael Cole says “Alberto is peeved.”  Peeved?  Peeved?  I’m not sure how one would be peeved?  I wonder if I’ve ever been peeved before?  I work for the Nationals and they had a rain delay tonight with no rain.  I guess that made me peeved.  The wrestling tonight hasn’t been very good.  I guess that makes me peeved.  Am I using peeved correctly?  Maybe I should Tweet Cole and ask him.

Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Randy Orton- Before the match starts Sheamus’ music hits.  He is going to do commentary.  Orton attacks Del Rio with punches.  Dropkick by Orton for a one count.  Ugh.  Don’t get me started on Orton going for unnecessary quick covers again.  Side head lock by Orton, Irish whip, shoulder thrust.  Del Rio rolls to the outside.  Sheamus says he’s proud to still be champion.  Orton suplexes Del Rio onto the ropes and then onto the mat.  Stomps to every part of the body by Orton.  Running knee drop.  Two count.  Orton attempts a ten count on the top turnbuckle, but Del Rio rakes his eyes.  Hard kick to the back of the head by Del Rio.  Side head lock.  Orton moves away from a charge in the corner and rolls Del Rio up for a two count.  Del Rio comes back with an enzuguri to the head.  Another head lock.  Del Rio pulls back on the lips and nose of Orton while he applies it.  Nicely done.  Orton fights up, but is hit with a snap suplex.  Running double foot stomp by Del Rio.  He’s really upgrading his arsenal.  I like the new move set from Alberto.

Meanwhile, Del Rio climbs to the top rope but is knocked down.  Orton climbs up the turnbuckle and hits a superplex.  Two count by Orton.  Now thats a move that deserves a pin fall attempt.  Both fight up with back and forth punches, thus gaining momentum.  Multiple clotheslines by Orton.  Del Rio ducks the last one, but is caught in a snap power slam.  Orton attempts the DDT through the ropes, but Del Rio sends him over his shoulders and onto the outside apron.  Enzuguri to the head on the outside apron.  Del Rio pulls him back into the ring and sends Orton off the ropes.  Orton comes back with an inverted back breaker.  Del Rio regains control with a kick to the gut.  He attempts the Cross Arm Breaker, but Orton reverses it into a neck breaker.  Two count.  Del Rio moves away from a charge in the corner.  Orton regains control with punches.

Hanging DDT off the second rope by Orton.  Sweet spot.  Orton signals RKO.  Ricardo jumps up onto the apron for the distraction.  Sheamus  scares Ricardo off.  Back stabber from behind by Del Rio.  He attempts the pinfall, but Orton gets his foot on the rope.  The referee doesn’t see the boot on the rope.  Sheamus points the boot out to the referee.  Del Rio goes crazy because he didn’t get away with the exact thing that cost him the championship the night before.  While he’s complaining to the referee Orton strikes with an RKO.  The three count.  Orton wins.  Michael Cole calls Sheamus a tattle tale.  I like this simple little angle.  The play off of the foot on the rope actually worked.  Not a bad little match.  I’ll take what I can get.

Footage of CM Punk after Summerslam.  Someone from WWE.com asks Punk about his controversial win.  He says he won his match twice in one night.  He wants to know why the finish was controversial.  He tells the people to respect him.  I do like their attempt to show promos in different ways.  So far tonight we’ve seen in ring promos, backstage promos, Tout promos, and promos that were taped after Summerslam.  Too much of it will be a bad thing, but I don’t mind them doing it a little bit.  It’s different at least.  I’d rather see live segments though.

Antonio Cesaro Tout.  He Touted from inside the ring after he won the United States Championship from Santino.  Haha.  That video was funny only because you could see Santino laid out on the apron.  FINALLY an Antonio Cesaro appearance on Raw!  After weeks of me complaining about seeing him.  Oh wait….he wasn’t even live.  Are you kidding me?  He wasn’t even live?  The guy just won the US Championship!  Your not going to have a new champion live on your marquee show?  I know Santino buried that title to the point that it isn’t television worthy, but you have to start the re-push with Cesaro.  Start showcasing him on Raw immediately.  He’s one of the best pure wrestlers in the company.  And yes, he’s another Ring of Honor alumni!  Just like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan!  I’m extremely happy that they decided to put the title on him though.  Kinda upset that he won the title off of television, but happy nontheless.

“The Funkasaurus” Brody Clay w/ The Funkadactuls vs. Damien Sandow- It’s “Sombody Call My Mamma” vs. “Hallelujah.”  We get an “earlier today” promo from Sandow.  He says a bunch of big words.  He’s going to hurt Brodus is I think what was said.  One of his words was ignoramus.  And yes, I did have to use my word correct to spell that correctly.  The match begins with Clay attacking, because he was attacked a few weeks ago.  Sandow moves out of the way of a corner charge.  He stomps the injured knee of the Clay.  Brodus Clay is trending on Twitter.  Clay comes back with a hard clothesline.  Back body drop.  Punch to the head.  Clay sends Sandow’s head into the corner multiple times.  Belly to belly suplex followed by a running elbow drop.

Sandow stomps the knee of Clay for the turn.  He attempts to punch Clay, but his punches don’t phase him.  Running splash in the corner by Clay.  He ass bumps him in the corner multiple times.  Running headbutt to the chest.  Clay whips Sandow into the corner and misses the charge.  Sandow rolls Clay up for the three count.  Sandow celebrates with a cartwheel.  The Funkadactuls just stand there.  Their reaction was pretty funny.  They aren’t used to seeing Clay lose, so it was kinda funny to just see them stand there.  Clay attacks Sandow after the match.  He hits a T-Bone suplex and running splash.  Clay, The Funkadactuls, and stupid little kids dance in the middle of the ring.  Easy way to progress the feud.  Sandow wins the match, Clay goes over at the end, feud continues.

Shawn Michaels interview.  He is live via satellite.  He says he knows what is going through Triple H’s head.  He says there is nothing that can prepare you for the day that you meet your professional mortality.  Especially not on PPV in front of millions of people.  Michaels says that we probably saw the end of a great career.  He says Triple H gave the match everything he had.  Michaels says he was stupid for trying to support Triple H.  He only became a distraction.  He says Triple H needed to hear him say that he couldn’t beat Brock Lesnar.  Michaels says Triple H has nothing to be ashamed of.  He thanks Triple H for a job well done.  The fans cheer.

I have a couple of things that need to be said here.  #1 that interview was not live via satellite.  It was taped.  If it would have been live they wouldn’t have already had pictures to b-roll the exact comments that Michaels was referring to.  #2 Triple H is not done.  This is just an angle to put the focus of the show back on him.  Because he’s egotistical and needs the focus to be on himself.  #3 I’m sure Triple H will eventually go over on Brock Lesnar.  He won’t let himself lose a feud.  It’s ridiculous, but it’ll happen.  #4 I definitely see a Triple H heel turn coming.  Some people thought that Michaels would turn on him.  I see the opposite happening.  Triple H will definitely turn on Michaels.  Will it set up for Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania?  Possibly.  I think Michaels is serious when he says that he wanted his last match to be against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania a few years ago.  Michaels was upset when Ric Flair gave him his last match, and then turned around and wrestled again for TNA.  He’s had several interviews since then where he said that giving someone your last match should mean something.  So it would be hard for me to believe that Michaels would go against his own word and wrestle again.  However, if he ever did it, it would be at Wrestlemania, and it would be against his best friend.  I’m saying there is a 30% chance that Michaels wrestles one last match against Triple H at Wrestlemania next year.

David Otunga vs. The Big Show- What?  Heel vs. heel?  Big Show got a face pop when he came out to face a heel.  It didn’t make sense.  Big Show attacks Otunga with a punch to the gut.  Hard chop in the corner.  Body slam.  More body punches against the ropes.  Big Show walks over Otunga’s back.  Headbutt.  Otunga tries to fight back, but is clubbed over the back.  Big Show chokes Otunga against the ropes.  The crowd is dead.  Because they have nobody to cheer for.  Another chop by Big Show.  He throws his knees into Otunga’s face.  Big Show hits the Final Cut.  Weapon of Mass Destruction.  3 count.  Big Show wins.  Ugh.  That certainly didn’t work.  A heel vs. heel only works if its two good technical athletes that people want to see face each other.  If a heel is respected for his wrestling ability people want to see him.  Nobody thinks that Big Show or Otunga are good wrestlers.  So you can’t put them in the ring against each other and think that it will work.  It didn’t.  It made no sense.

Big Show video interview.  It’s another one of those “after Summerslam went off the air” videos.  Okay, now I’m officially sick of these things.  Now it’s being over done.  Big Show is shouting about his loss.  Shouldn’t this have aired before he actually wrestled a match?  Nothing regarding the Big Show made sense tonight.  Complete disaster.

Kane and Zack Ryder vs. Daniel Bryan and Intercontinental Champion The Miz- This is intriguing.  Kane and Zack Ryder are enemies.  Now they are both faces and are partners.  Daniel Bryan and Miz are enemies.  Now they are both heels and are partners.  Now let me pause to reflect on Zack Ryder FINALLY being on Raw.  Pausing.  Thinking.  Pausing.  WOO WOO WOO!!!!!  YES YES YES YES YES YES YES.  Those YES’s are for Ryder.  These YES”s are for Daniel Bryan.  YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES.  Bryan comes down the ramp shouting NO NO NO!  He is wearing an American Dragon NO jacket.  He grabs YES YES YES signs from the crowd and rips them up.  Haha!  That will never get old.  Hilarious.  Miz has a new shirt that says “I’m Awesome You Are Not.”  I like it.  Daniel Bryan yells NO NO NO in a fat fan’s face while he yells YES YES YES back.  I about fell off of my chair laughing.  Let’s do this.  I’m excited for this match.

The bell rings.  Daniel Bryan immediately jumps out of the ring and yells NO NO NO at the crowd.  Ha!  Kane tosses Miz into the ring.  The crowd chants “we want Ryder Woo Woo Woo.”  Ryder is tagged.  He gets his knees up on a charging Miz in the corner.  Leg drop off the top rope.  Miz boots Ryder in the face.  Hard stomps by Miz on the mat.  Boot to the face of a grounded Ryder.  Tag to Bryan.  Bryan vs. Ryder?  YES YES YES!  Bryan stomps Ryder and drops his knees into his arms.  Hard kicks to the chest.  He yells NO on every shot.  He drops his knee into the face of Ryder.  Two count.  This match is awesome in every way.  Bryan taunts Kane.  European uppercut by Bryan.  Tag to Miz.  Hard kick to the face by Miz.  He jumps down onto Ryder’s back.  He grabs Ryder’s nose while applying a Camel Clutch.  Neck Breaker by Miz for a two count.  Tag to Bryan.

Bryan comes in with hard kicks in the corner.  He’s super fast when he does those things.  Awesome.  Bryan charges the corner, Ryder moves, and Bryan forearms Miz.  Hot tag to Kane.  Bryan goes to tag Miz, but Miz jumps down off the apron.  Bryan ducks a clothesline and slaps Kane in the face.  Bryan jumps out of the ring and over the barricade.  He runs through the fans and out of the arena.  Kane is angry and has nobody left to fight.  He choke slams his own partner Zack Ryder.  Kane continues to destroy everything around the ring.  He picks up the time keeper and tosses him over the barricade.  He targets Ryder agian.  Tombstone to Ryder.  Kane runs up the ramp.  I can’t wait for Ryder to get redemption on Kane one of these days.  It should happen in a big and shocking Ryder title win.

John Cena interview.  It’s ANOTHER Summerslam interview from last night.  I’m pissed off now.  Stop showing these.  It’s stupid.  One was cool.  Two was okay.  Three was stale.  Four was boring.  Five pisses me off.  Cena is angry about losing.  That’s all that really happens.

CM Punk is interviewed by Matt Striker.  He says his next opponent is somebody everyone looks up to.  He says its someone that some people say Punk can’t beat.  He says his next opponent is John Cena.  On one condition.  Cena must respect him.  Punk says he will call Cena to the ring and demand respect.

#1 Contender Divas Battle Royal: Kelly Kelly vs. Eve Torres vs. Kaitlyn vs. Alicia Fox vs. Aksana vs. Rosa Mendes vs. Natalya vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Tamina- Layla is on commentary.  I hope the winner of this match takes the title from her.  Layla is worthless.  The bell rings and the Divas do nothing.  They awkwardly don’t start the match on time.  Finally they start to fight.  Tamina botches a hair pull take over on Rosa.  Rosa and Aksana roll around the ring, but it looks terrible.  They roll out of the ring.  They are both out.  This is terrible.  Natalya tries to slam Kaitlyn, but its botched.  Tamina and Natalya hit a double suplex on Kaitlyn.  Where is Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly?   They were on the graphic, but I don’t see them?  Did they get eliminated early?  Or did they quit before the match?  I remember Gail Kim quit right before a battle royal before.  Michael Cole buries the match by saying “riveting action.”  Natalya is eliminated after Alicia Fox ducks a charge.  Then Tamina and Alicia are tossed out.  Eve and Kaitlyn are the final two.  Kaitlyn tries to clothesline Eve over the top….but it’s botched of course.  Eve doesn’t go over.  So they do the spot again.  This time Eve flies out.  Kaitlyn wins and is the #1 contender.  Last week I told you to expect a Kaitlyn push.  Guess I was right.  Eve is bleeding under her eye.  Rare to see a woman bleed.  That match was pathetic.

Brock Lesnar Tout.  Even Lesnar is Touting!  Lesnar says he has nothing left to accomplish in the WWE.  He is leaving and is never coming back.  Didn’t they do this angle the last time he went away for a month?  If you can’t think of anything new you might as well just recycle your month old ideas.

Wade Barrett Video.  I’m tired of the hype videos.  Just bring him back already.

Vickie Guerrero is in the back. She is yelling at Ziggler and saying that he needs to win tonight for her.  He says that he needs to win for himself.  Ziggler says its the biggest match of his career.  He says tonight he will win.  Waste of a segment.

Money In The Bank vs. Career: Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. Chris Jericho- Tie up to start.  Side headlock by Jericho.  Irish whip, shoulder block, leap frog, Jericho roll up.  Two count.  Another roll up.  Two count.  Ziggler rolls to the outside.  In this situation I like to see Jericho going for quick falls because of the stipulation on the match.  Winning is important.  Ziggler comes back in the ring with a roll up of his own.  Jericho punches Ziggler in the corner.  Ziggler fires back with punches, stomps, and jumping elbow drop.  Jericho is whipped into the corner, but gets his knees up.  Missile drop kick by Jericho.  Ziggler tosses him into the ropes, but Jericho hangs on and stops himself.  Springboard drop kick by Jericho off of the second rope.  Commercial break.  Back from break we see Jericho in a chin lock.  Ziggler does a head stand while applying the chin lock.  Khloe Kardashian tweets “let’s go @IAmJericho.”  Thank god she’s adding to the show tonight.  What would this show have really been without her?

Jericho suplexes Ziggler to get out of the chin lock.  Ziggler charges in the corner, but Jericho gets the boots up.  Two shoulder blocks by Jericho.  He goes to the top rope and hits an axe handle smash.  Running bulldog is countered.  Ziggler is caught on the top rope.  Jericho hits the 10 count on the top.  Hurricanrana off the top rope by Jericho.  Awesome.  Spot of the night.  Ziggler comes out of nowhere with a jumping DDT.  Another sweet move.  Ziggler goes for the Fame Asser, but it’s turned into a Walls of Jericho attempt.  Ziggler rolls through and catches Jericho in a small package for a two count.  Counter after counter from these two guys.  Finally a running bull dog by Jericho.  He goes for the Lion Sault, but Ziggler gets his knees up.  Zig Zag by Ziggler.  1-2-3.  Ziggler wins.  He celebrates.  Jericho is fired for the 6238r55#454th time in his career.  Jericho takes the brief case.  He hits Ziggler in the gut and over the head with it.  Code Breaker.  Thank you Chris for returning to put over some young talent.  Please come back soon.

CM Punk comes to the ring. He is wearing the same Bret Hart pink and black gear that he wore at Summerslam.  Greatest wrestling gear in the history of the earth.  Punk walks over to Jerry Lawler.  He wants Lawler to admit that he lied when he said Punk turned his back on the WWE Universe.  Lawler says he meant no malice.  Punk wants an apology.  John Cena’s music hits.  That promo already happened.  Pointless.  There is a big speaker in the corner of the ring.  Why is that there?  I’ve never seen it there before.  Hopefully that means we get another Kevin Rudolf concert!  I want to see the Spanish commentary guys dancing again!  Punk asks Cena why he didn’t wait.  He said that Cena knew he was going to call him out.  But instead Cena came out to steal the spotlight.  P

Punk says he’s taken a back seat since Wrestlemania.  He’s taken a back seat to Cena, Triple H, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  Punk says people keep asking why he isn’t the main event.  Punk says that he tells those people that he’s always the main event no matter when he goes on.  That’s true.  That’s what he told me on Twitter.  Punk says that taking a back seat no longer makes sense.  When does it ever make sense?  Punk says he won’t take a back seat to a guy he beat at Summerslam.  Punk says he picked Cena as #1 contender so that he could beat him yet again.  Punk says that Cena has to admit that Punk is the best in the world. Cena says that Punk has been champion for 9 months.  That means Cena hasn’t been champion for 9 months.  Yet the people still support him.  Cena says its because they respect him.

Cena gets a lot of cheap pops by talking about Fresno.  He puts over their college and some sport that they must be good at.  I dunno.  I could care less about amateur sports.  Somehow Cena turns that crap into saying that he feels that he himself is the best.  Cena says he never doubted that he would have lost to The Rock.  Not sure where he is going with this.  Cena says that Punk has been champion for 274 days and all anyone remembers is him blowing a kiss to Vince McMahon and then walking off.  Cena says he won’t say that Punk is the best in the world and that Punk should choose somebody else.  Cena says he will get a shot somehow.  Isn’t that the truth.  Cena says that Night of Champions is in his hometown.  He tells Punk that it would define his existence if he can beat Cena on his turf.  The last time I saw Cena in Boston they booed him?  So I don’t know what he’s speaking of.  Cena says if he’s not chosen, Punk doesn’t have any respect for the title.  Then he walks out.

CM Punk goes back to Jerry Lawler.  He still wants an apology.  He makes Lawler get into the ring.  Lawler must be the default target for easy heel heat.  Lawler apologizes to Punk.  Punk now wants Lawler to say that he is the best in the world.  Lawler says that he can’t say that.  He goes to walk away and is kicked in the back of the head.  Punk stands over him with the title as Raw goes off the air.

Decent show…I guess.  Nothing was really memorable.  Jericho vs. Ziggler was a great match.  The tag match was good.  That was about it.  Nothing else was great.  I can’t complain about not seeing Ryder, Cesaro, or Sandow tonight.  So can I complain about not seeing The One Man Baaaaaannnnnnddddddd?  I still want to see a little bit more wrestling.  Get rid of half of the terrible videos and recaps, and put on more wrestling.  Let Antonio Cesaro wrestle more.  Now that Jericho is going away they are losing a top performer.  It’s going to be tough to replace the match quality that he brings.  In that case they need to let the better workers go on longer.  They have a lot of talent in their AAA organization.  Maybe it’s time to start bringing some of them up.  Let’s start with Seth Rollins.  It’s time for his debut.  Another former Ring of Honor guy.  Speaking of Ring of Honor.  It’s segway time.

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