Jacoby Jones Sidelined With "Sweet Pea" Injury According To Yahoo

Everyone has a good zinger about Sweet Pea, the stripper that smashed a bottle of champagne against Jacoby Jones‘ noggin on Sunday night.

If you play Fantasy Football on Yahoo, you may have noticed a few subtle jabs about Jacoby Jones about the Sweet Pea incident. The best one I stumbled upon was when looking under Marlon Brown‘s player info.

Advice: He returned to practice Thursday. With Jacoby Jones (knee, Sweet Pea) still sidelined, the undrafted rookie will continue to run as the No. 2 wideout.

Well played, Yahoo. Well played.

Sing it with me, Baltimore.

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  1. Yahoo pulls all their player analysis from Rotoworld, as of this season. So you should be giving “well played” props to Rotoworld, not Yahoo.

    Here’s the page where you can see that the Jacoby blurb originates from Rotoworld:


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