Yankees sign former Orioles first baseman Mark ReynoldsIt had to the Yankees, didn’t it?

CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman reports that former Orioles hero Mark Reynolds, known around Baltimore as “The Sheriff” by people who enjoy bad nicknames, has signed with the New York Yankees. The 30 year old slugger was released by the Indians after hitting .207/.315/.373 in 384 plate appearances this season. Reynolds hit .098/.233/.098 in 60 plate appearances in July.

After being non-tendered by Baltimore last offseason, Reynolds signed a one-year, $6 million deal with the Cleveland Indians. Despite his power potential, the O’s moved on allowing Chris Davis to play full-time at first base and eliminating their strikeout leader.

When Reynolds hit the free agent market on Monday, I thought the Birds would bring him back to Baltimore on the cheap. The O’s could use a right handed bat in their lineup and their designated hitters have hit .212/.267/.394 this season, 22nd in the league.

As Patrick Guthrie pointed out on this week’s BSR Podcast, the Yankees have begun to heat up with the help of quality pitching from Hiroki Kuroda and Ivan Nova. Now they’ll add a guy who crushed seven homers in 15 games against them last season.

The O’s play the Yankees seven more times this season, including a four game set in Yankee Stadium.

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  1. I wonder why Mark is holding a grudge against the Orioles, and NOT the Indians? The Orioles honored the 2 year deal they gave Reynolds. The Indians released him during the middle of the season in the heat of a pennant race.

    • Why do you think he’s holding a grudge? If anything the Orioles dissed him.

      • How did the O’s diss him? He had a two year deal with an option. He played his two years, the O’s chose not to pick up the option year. They honored his contract.

        On the other hand, Cleveland signed him to a 1 year deal and outrighted him before the season was over.

        I said he’s holding a grudge because of the statement that he’s going to “break Orioles’ fans hearts”. I would think he’d want to break Indians’ fans’ hearts in that they released him before he even played a full season.

        What are you missing here?!?

  2. I didn’t know he made that statement. It is my understanding that the O’s didn’t even offer him a contract this week after his release. So again, none of this means he is holding a grudge against the Orioles. I’m sure he’s been reading fans remarks about wanting him back & that’s what he meant.
    What part don’t YOU understand?

    • Susie – Did you read the title of this article? It says “Mark Reynold Signs with the Yankees, Promises to Break Orioles Fans’ Hearts”.

      It doesn’t say “HOPES” this DOESN’T break their hearts, it says “PROMISES”. That is what we on Dunmanway in Dundalk (right spy?) call a threat.

      What Reynolds is saying, essentially, is “I’ll get back at you, Orioles (and fans)”

      Back at us for what? Was he not cheered here most of his tenure? Did the club NOT honor his 2 year contract? Why is he “Promising” to break our hearts?

      Again, his angst should be against the Indians. They didn’t live up to the terms of his contract, THEY released him.

      I get it totally. You don’t.

    • Susie, will you marry me? We can go to some O’s games, dine at Capt Harvey’s and take in a movie….

  3. Susie , I’m afraid MGW is right on this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the O’s didn’t do anything to deserve those comments from Mark , they treated him like a man,,,,,,,,,,,,unlike the Indians,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. He will beak my heart everytime he strikes out. Damn fool.

  5. HE already helped us , he helped the Yankees beat the Bosox last night , thanks Mark……………..

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