The Sun’s David Zurawik recently caught up with ex-Baltimore reporter Jen Royle, who still gets nasty tweets from Baltimore and is perplexed by the “Curse of Jen Royle” phenomenon. Zurawik’s post brings to light one particularly nasty exchange:

“Royle sent copies Wednesday of hate tweets from the past few months saying among other things that she was dying of AIDS. (For the record, she said that is false.) Royle’s Baltimore attorney managed to stop the AIDS tweets, she said. Furthermore, she added, that she has received a letter of apology through her attorney from an author of such tweets.”

That’s gotta be one hell of an apology letter. The interview comes on the heels of Jill Rosen’s Baltimore Insider post on which declared “Even from Boston, Jen Royle slams Baltimore.”

Look, does anyone actually believe in “curses” and do they truly think they have some effect on the AL East standings? Come on people, the whole “Jen Royle v. Baltimore” nonsense emanates from the the fact that the Orioles have been really awful and Jen Royle had the unenviable position of having to talk about them for a living.

Royle is in Boston, where she seems happier if not somewhat traumatized by her time in Baltimore. The Orioles are cruising toward the All-Star break as legitimate contenders, yet some fans still think it’s a good use of time antagonize and threaten a former reporter who they know will engage them.

Time for both parties to move on. Royle has a new gig writing a column for SBNation Boston, and never has to address Baltimore publicly again if she doesn’t want to. It may not be fair, but the onus to drop the inane flame wars rests on her, because frankly she’s a lot smarter than anyone publicly announcing that someone they’ve never met is dying of AIDs.