Today on ZardCast, CT and Dave sit down to chat about the Washington Wizards in the playoffs and the team’s best season since 1979. They welcome co-worker Stuart to the show, calling in to talk West Virginia strip clubs and his runaround to procure playoff tickets. Later, Bullets Forever’s Jake Whitacre drops by to discuss his ranking of all 82 regular season games and what Washington needs to do to beat the Raptors. CT and Dave close out the show by touching on Paul Pierce’s candid interview, strategies for watching the local and national broadcasts, the Wizards new official logo, non-John Wall keys to the series and predictions of a lengthy affair.

ZardCast will be with you throughout the playoffs, hopping in the pod following each game to record our rapid reaction to the events on the court.

Topics discussed include:

  • Playoffs are here!
  • CT’s coworker Stuart calls in from Hedgesville, W. Va.
  • Stuart discusses his golf trip and impending visit to “The Living Room”
  • He also details his pain of trying to buy playoff tickets as a season ticket holder, says he’s out on next year
  • Stu closes out by speaking his peace on the New York Knicks and their pick in the draft
  • “Blame Canada”
  • Happy or sad?: The Washington Wizards draw the Toronto Raptors in the first round in a tale of two mirrored season
  • Dave doesn’t like the Raptors subreddit
  • A good minute or two of Canada bashing, realizing Toronto fans will boo the Star Spangled Banner when played before the game
  • The Wizards got swept by the Raptors in the regular season, lost seven of the last eight, but there’s plenty to be confident about this matchup
  • Regular season Nene is waayyyyyy different than playoff Nene
  • Dave thinks the series either will be won because of the match-up or the best player in the series
  • Jake Whitacre from Bullets Forever joins the pod
  • The guys discuss Jake’s ranking of all 82 regular season games
  • Jake thinks the Wizards played better against the Raptors this year rather than last, advocates for Paul Pierce at power forward
  • Can Randy Wittman make some changes to his team for the better in the playoffs?
  • What does Randy have to do to keep his job after this postseason?
  • Jake shares what he think it’ll take for the Wizards to win and makes a prediction
  • The guys talk about Paul Pierce’s interview on
    What’s the strategy for watching the national vs. the local broadcasts
  • New primary Wizards logo, adios leaping Wizard logo
  • Who do you dislike most on the Raptors?
  • Thoughts on Drake
  • Throw the records out the window!
  • Was the regular season a success?
  • Non-John Wall keys to the series: CT chooses Paul Pierce, Dave picks the wins at the end of the bench
  • Series predictions