I’ve got high hopes for the Orioles in 2009, but here is a list of things they can certainly accomplish by the end of September.

scott and roberts
Image Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun
  1. Attendance goes up at Camden Yards
  2. Nick Markakis finishes with an average over .299
  3. Brian Roberts steals 45+ bases
  4. Jeremy Guthrie wins 13+ games
  5. George Sherrill has 32+ saves
  6. Luke Scott hits 25+ homeruns
  7. The Orioles keep their young talent in the minors until they’re ready to be brought up
  8. Matt Wieters makes his major league debut before the All-Star Break
  9. Nick Markakis wins a gold glove
  10. The Orioles finish with 75+ wins

What do you think?