Every year, Baseball America releases its top prospects for each organization. I am taking on the dubious honor of see how the O’s Top Prospects are doing this season. Here is the top 5. I will have 6-10 for you this weekend.

1. Brian Matusz, lhp- I am not yet calling this season a failure for Matusz. There are the moments of brilliance that we see against teams like the Sox and Yankees. Then there are the early runs he gives up against the A’s. He should have more wins this season, but the team behind him has let him down. No reason to still think that he can’t turn it around.

2. Josh Bell, 3b- Before he was called up to Baltimore, I was thinking that Josh was having a sub-par season at Norfolk. There is no reason to expect a .260 hitter to do well at the major league level. Now, that he is in Baltimore, we are seeing the defensive liability that he can be. The upside is that Miggy may be traded soon, and we will see plenty of Bell.

3. Zach Britton, lhp- Britton is probably the brightest spot on in this entirely list. After a few rough spots, Britton became lights out at AA Bowie. He earned his call-up to Norfolk last week and proceeded to have a killer outing. His second AAA start was rough, but it’s only a matter of time before Zach builds his confidence at this level.

4. Jake Arrieta, rhp- Jake has had a hell of a year. DOMINANT at AAA. It was almost becoming a joke how every other person was being called up and he was being left in Norfolk. Well, he hasn’t disappointed in Baltimore. He is currently 2-2. He has had 4 wonderful outings, and 2 lackluster performances.

5. Matt Hobgood, rhp- Hobgood has been having a mediocre season in Delmarva. He is 3-7 with a 4.41 ERA. Some people are considering him a bust already. I don’t see it. He is 19 and has some control issues. No reason he can’t turn that around. He has been out of the rotation with shoulder tendentious. He is currently working out the bullpen as he is completing his recovery. Expect him to start by the end of the month.