2000 Baltimore Ravens defense better than 2013 Seahawks, 2000 Ravens

Right about now, you’re probably hearing talk about the this year’s Seattle Seahawks defense being the greatest of all time. Well, they’re not.

In my opinion, the Super Bowl XXXV champion Baltimore Ravens defense is the best to ever play the game. Don’t you forget it.

According to the ESPN graphic above, the 2000 Ravens held opponents to 10.3 points per game, less than the ’13 Seahawks (14.4) and ’85 Bears (12.4). They also led those other two defenses in fewest yards allowed per game (247.9) and opponents yards per play (4.3).

Grantland’s Bill Barnwell dug into the numbers and agrees with my sentiments on the Ravens, but thinks I have the year wrong. According to his fancy statistics, the 2006 Ravens had the best defense of all time.

Unfortunately, that season wasn’t nearly as memorable as 2000.

Image Credit: 410LaxMD on Reddit

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