Ravens fans, do you want this hat?  Well, then all you have to do leave a comment on this post with the player you think the Ravens will take with their first selection in Saturday’s draft.  This does mean the 26th pick in the draft necessarily.  Simply put, who will be the first player Saturday to be become a Raven? Be sure to leave your email with the comment so we can find you if you win.

Try to avoid ties by looking at the other comments, but if there is a tie, we will come up with some sort of insane tiebreaker.  The hat is a directly from the Ravens shop, Reebok Flexfit (OSFA), and it’s not purple, which I think is a plus (I’m not crazy about purple headwear).  BSR staff and their families are not eligible.  Contest closes once the first pick of the draft is made.  One entry per person.

Be sure to listen to Tuesday’s episode of the podcast where we will announce the winner.

Thanks and good luck!