So apparently, “B.J.” Upton is short for “Bossman Junior,” and boy does the Tampa Bay Rays’ centerfielder hate when fans find out where the abbreviation originates.

It was my second game at Camden Yards this season sitting in the bleachers and despite the crowd of just over 13,000 for Matt Wieters t-shirt Tuesday, section 92 was all about heckling Bossman.

There were a couple of fans in the row in front of me yelling “Bossman” chants at Upton while he was in centerfield, but after Upton ran to the umpire to complain about the heckling and four police officers questioned our section’s kindness to B.J., the entire section exploded in a fury of heckling for Bossman over the next seven innings.

We asked B.J. not to tattle on us, or why he was mad at us for using his actual first name, but we got no responses. What we did get was a clearly distressed Upton who botched a base hit to the gap and overthrew his cut off man. Sure, the guy hit a an RBI double, but after Luke Scott tied the game with his flag court bomb, section 92 came right back at B.J.

I just don’t get how Bossman handles New York and Boston. There was no profanity tossed his way at Camden Yards, but you can be sure there would be in the Bronx or at Fenway.

I complained about the fans on opening day, but tonight section 92 proved me wrong. I know that it’s rare to get quality heckling fans that legitimating care about the game, I thought the Eutaw Street Hooligans were the only ones. But even in the midst of another disappointing loss I found a way to thoroughly enjoy the game.

It’s tough to tell a good heckling story via blogpost…