Well, let’s take a quick little look at the numbers.

  • Big East- 1 Team in the Final Four
  • Ohio Valley Conference- 1 Team in the Final Four
  • Colonial Athletic Assoc- 1 Team in the Final Four
  • SEC- 1 Team in the Final Four
  • ACC = 0 Teams in the Final Four


Of course it is not fair to say that the CAA is better than the ACC. That is ridiculous. But that was the logic used by certain people on this blog last week. At the end of the day, the powerhouse known as Duke looked feeble and was beat down by a 5th seed. FSU , well, they couldn’t get a shot off  against a 4th place team from the CAA. And Carolina, they showed up, but so did Kentucky.  An unfortunate performance does not dictate the talent and skill of a team. So Zach Wilt, now who is the toughest conference now?