Orioles center fielder Adam Jones is slugging the hell out of the ball down in the Grapefruit League. As of Tuesday morning he’s hitting .390 (16-41) with a team leading three home runs and 11 RBI.

That’s .270 more than Ryan Braun is hitting this Spring. …just sayin’.

So what’s contributed to Jones’ success this Spring?  Believe it or not, part of it could be the new piece of lumber he brings to the plate.

I stumbled across a post on a message board about a new bat that Jones has been using this Spring.  The poster said that AJ has been swinging a new ash bat from Victus Sports that is more firm than what he has used in previous years.    I reached out to the guys at Victus and they confirmed that this is indeed true.

Victus Sports is located in Blackwood, New Jersey, 10 minutes outside of Philadelphia.  The members of our business are Gregg Balin, Ryan Engroff, Jared Smith and Allan Donato and they have been taking the Spring by storm.  So far they have converted Mark Teixeira, Hunter Pence, Adam Jones, Eric Hosmer, Placido Polanco and others to their bats.

Jared Smith told me that Nick Markakis is currently swinging a lighter Endy Chavez model while he builds his strength back from Abdominal surgery.

How much can a bat improve a player’s game?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Jones’ Spring success translates to the regular season.