In case you wimped out and didn’t stay up this weekend to watch the Orioles secure a 6-4 record on their 10 game road trip, you missed some exciting action.  Actually I guess the most exciting part was their comeback win on Sunday, but that’s beside the point.

Regardless of how things turned out in Anaheim, the Orioles held baseball’s top slugger Albert Pujols hitless in the three game series.  Pujols stepped up to the plate 13 times in the series, he walked three of those times, struckout three and went a total of 0 for 11 in the series.

Ross Gore will tell you that this is enough of a sample size to confirm that the Orioles own Albert Pujols.  Trust me.

The Angels come to town on June 26 for a quick two game series, then the O’s play in the Anaheim region of the Los Angeles area on July 6-8 to round out their season series against the Angels.  Let’s see if this perfection can continue.
I guess if we had to be serious for a second, we would point out that Pujols is a career .292 hitter against the Birds in six games.  He has seven hits in 24 at bats, three of those hits are doubles, and he’s driven in six RBI.  But still, that was then, this is NOW Albert.

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