People say there’s no consistency in the NHL’s fines and suspensions, but I see Alex Ovechkin’s three game suspension making perfect sense.

In Pittsburgh on Sunday, Ovi jumped into Penguins defenseman Zbynek Michalek smashing his head into the boards.  Brendan Shanahan fired up the Flip camera (RIP) on Monday and explained the league’s three game suspension for the hit.

Sure, you could watch Shanahan’s fancy video explanation (embedded after the bump), but isn’t it interesting that the league gives Ovechkin three games off just days after he purchased a fancy new $4.2 million house in Fairfax County.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but three days seems like the perfect amount of time for Ovechkin to put together all of his new Ikea furniture and stock his fridge with borscht and vodka.

Seriously though, with Nicklas Backstrom and Mike Green on the shelf losing Ovechkin for three games really hurts that Caps.

On the flip side, Michalek had a cheap shot of his own on Matt Hendricks which escaped a fine or suspension. Figure that one out.