Yikes. Some harsh words from former Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer about Ray Lewis.

“It’s definitely all about him,” Toomer told USA Today‘s Mike Garafolo. “Once a guy goes to the center of the field, goes into the victory formation on the last play of his last home game … I just don’t think the Giants or any organization I’ve ever been a part of, even growing up, would allow somebody to single themselves out like that.

“If you single yourself out after you make a play, that’s one thing,” Toomer continued. “But to walk out on the field reminds me of the WWE, like The Rock coming out. You’re becoming a caricature of yourself. It’s exhausting. I don’t know why somebody would want that.”

Ryan Wilson of CBSSports.com points out that Toomer also said back in the day that he’d rather have Tony Romo over his former teammate/two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning.

“If you want to say you’re Mr. Religious and all of that, have a clean record,” Toomer said. “Don’t say all of that stuff if you know there’s stuff that might come back. Those are the things that, when I look at him, I just think hypocrisy.”

Geez. Is someone still upset about Super Bowl XXXV?