I didn’t get a chance to watch the Morgan State vs. Oklahoma game, which might have been because I knew what the result would be before tip off. But, when I turned on the radio after the game I heard all about Ali tossing Griffin.

The week before Morgan State’s first trip to the NCAA tournament, Baltimore was singing the praises of head coach Todd Bozeman, the former Cal coach who was forced to resign after he admitted paying $30,000 to the parents of recruit Jelani Gardner. Bozeman took homegrown talent and led the Morgan State Bears to a trip to the big dance. Fans were calling into talk radio shows and writing on message boards about the huge accomplishment of good local recruiting and a well coached team.

Down 24 points Morgan State’s Ameer Ali got tangled up with one of the best players in the nation and went Hulk Hogan on Blake Griffin.

Unfortunately for Ali, this not only makes him look like a soar loser, but it makes local Baltimore school’s look bad as well. Even though Ali is from Philadelphia, he is one of three players on Morgan’s roster not from Maryland. 10 other players on their roster are local Maryland talent.

It was a move that Greg Gumbel called bush league and even though I could never agree with anything Gumbel says I can tell you that it makes Baltimore schools look bad.

What do you think?