Roch Kubatko at reports that the Orioles have not approached center fielder Adam Jones about a long-term contract extension.  Jones, arguably the face of the organization, will hit the free agent market in 2014.  Sure, that seems like a long time away, but in my opinion it’s now or never with Jones.

Perhaps the Orioles have bought into the Mayan calendar…

If the Orioles want to build around him it’s time to sign him.  If they don’t, then it’s time to shop him around.

Here’s what Kubatko posted:

I’ll say it again: The Orioles need to figure out whether they can sign Jones to a long-term deal. He’s a free agent in 2014. His value could be at its highest, when he’s not viewed as a rental for a contender.

The Orioles haven’t approached Jones about an extension. Executive vice president Dan Duquette is focused on the center fielder’s 2012 contract. An extension is a back burner issue.

Will the Orioles get burned by waiting?

He points out that Jones said at FanFest that he would be open to a a long-term deal to stay in Baltimore. But the forum in which Jones answered the question could have had a lot to do with his response.