I opted to reserve judgement on the Ravens’ decision to trade back in the draft until after they selected their picks tonight. I understand that everyone was, as always, quick to follow Ozzie blindly, but I wanted to wait and see how things panned out.

But, as promised, here’s my analysis.

Sergio Kindle – OLB – Texas

Kindle comes from a 3-4 background and is known for crushing QBs in the back field. The concern for Kindle is his history of knee problems, the guy has had four surgeries on one of knees. At 6′ 3″, 250 pounds, he’s got solid speed off the line, 4.65 speed.

Aside from injuries, Kindle has also had a couple run ins with the law, a DUI in 2007 and an interesting one car accident in 2009. In ’09 he hit a building with his car and fled the scene of the accident.

I’m sure the Ravens have done their research on this guy’s health, they typically have a good track record of keeping tabs on those sorts of things. I am a little more concerned about his off the field issues. Does this guy “play like a Raven” or does that little catch phrase not truly matter to the organization? My answer would be the latter. As long as Kindle plays well on defense, I suppose it doesn’t matter a whole lot.

Terrence Cody – DT – Alabama

The first answer to the Ravens roster holes was a defensive tackle from Ozzie’s alma matter, Alabama, Terrence Cody. It’s believed that the Ravens were looking to take Cody in the first round. The Ravens hope to have Cody compete for the nose tackle spot against Kelley Gregg and work with Haloti Ngata to solidify the run defense.

The club’s main concern with Cody is his weight. He was over 400 pounds in community college, but slimmed down to 348 for his pro day, though he was over 370 on Senior Day.

Personally, the weight isn’t my concern. This guy was drafted to compete with Kelley Gregg, but he’s not a pass rusher. At the most I see him as depth after the Ravens lost Justin Bannan. I don’t think the Ravens need to find someone to compete with Gregg, they need to find his successor. I hope that Cody can provide that because, personally, I think we’ve seen the last of Kelley Gregg.

Ed Dickson – TE – Oregon

Finally, some depth at tight end. A big target at 6′ 5″, 240 pounds, Dickson is credited for his speed across the middle of the field. An area, as we all know, the Ravens have lacked in the past.

From what I hear, Dickson won’t impress many with his blocking abilities, though that seems to be the case with most tight ends these days. It’s just nice to have another TE on the roster besides Todd Heap. Does he eventually replace Heap? I guess that’s up to him.

What were your thoughts on the Ravens first three picks?