Remember a few weeks ago when Buck Showalter said that Dylan Bundy would not be with the Orioles during this postseason run? Well, apparently that is not the case anymore, and actually he hinted at it by saying they were sending him to the instructional league. Well, it looks like things have changed for Buck and the Birds, as Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the O’s are bringing up their #1 prospect after last night’s epic 18 inning game in which the bullpen pitched for 12 2/3 of those innings.

If this is really the case, this seems crazy. Bundy has been a starter all year, rarely going over six innings. He has done well at each level but he hasn’t been perfect. Matter of fact, left hand hitters have even exposed him a bit. It is safe to assume that Bundy would be used out of the bullpen, drawing comparisons to the Rays’ use of David Price in the 2008 playoff run. Crazy? Yes, but it great seeing the Orioles throw in all their chips for this run. Can’t say the same thing for the Nationals.

Oh, and for the record, we always thought that Bundy was going to be called up in September.