The Orioles finalized their deal with Kevin Gregg on Tuesday, could they be after Kenshin Kawakami or Joe Blanton next? speculated that they maybe after one or both as a veteran starter.

The Orioles would like to add a veteran starter and the feeling in the front office is that a trade is more likely than a free agent signing. Kenshin Kawakami and Joe Blanton come to mind as possible trade targets, but that’s just my speculation.

This isn’t the first time the Orioles have been mentioned in the same sentence as Joe Blanton. Jeff Zrebiec discussed the likelihood of Blanton coming to Baltimore saying that the club has “tepid” interest in him. How much would it cost the Orioles?

Now, the question obviously is how much of the remaining $17 million on Blanton’s contract over the next two seasons would MacPhail be willing to absorb? I would have to think that the Phillies would need to help the Orioles out a little there, but remember, the Orioles ate $9 million of the $12 million remaining on Kevin Millwood to land him last offseason. Before you ask, I also cannot immediately answer what the Phillies would be looking for in return, and whether it would be just a straight salary dump where they’d be content with a mid-level prospect, or they are looking for a serviceable piece.

How do you think Kawakami or Blanton would fit in the Orioles rotation this season?