I know that Baltimore has good fans. I’ve seen it myself. In a typical year I usually go to about 5 or 6 Ravens’ home games and I’ve the 77,000 fans at M&T Bank Stadium screaming while the Ravens are on defense and shouting “SUCKS” after each of the opposing team’s players are announced.

I’m proud of our fans. I love them. But, where are these fans during Orioles’ games?

I understand that a lot of fans are upset with the way the organization has been run, but is that the reason that no one cheers for when an O’s pitcher gets two strikes? Why is it that the hot dog race and crab shuffle gets more cheers than a good pitcher?

It’s not everyone. We’ve seen fans give Mark Teixeira a piece of their mind and I love the “Hey, You Suck” chants.

But, I was one of the few in attendance after the two hour rain delay in game one against the White Sox and I’ve gotta say I’m a little disappointed. Bergesen got quite a few cheers, but I want to see Orioles fans ecstatic about the future of the O’s.

During the 6th and 7th innings Clayton Richard relieved Jose Contreras and a few fans near me starting “CLAY-ton” to rattle the pitcher. After a few runs were given up more people got into it, but one of us was tapped on the shoulder by a women behind us telling us to stop because we were being “annoying.” “That’s the point,” one of the fans said.

The chants stop, but it didn’t matter because the O’s were up by a touchdown. I just want to see some good fans in the seats at Camden Yards. I see the stadium filled with Red Sox and Yankees fans that heckle our own players and now I want to make this stadium a pain for the opposing team. The Ravens do it, why can’t the O’s?