While the Capitals continue their difficult road stretch and look to make a surge into the playoffs, Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy questioned the Caps leadership in the locker room and even looked at newly acquired defenseman Scott Hannan as the solution.

Wyshynski points out that the Capitals held a players’ only meeting after their 4-1 loss to the Kings on Sunday and that Hannan was at the center of it. Hannan discussed the meeting with the Washington Post.

“You’re going to go through games and times in the season where things aren’t going to go your way,” Hannan said. “You can have good games, you can have bad games, but you want to try to stay on an even track. That’s what it is in the playoffs; you’re going to go through things in a seven-game series that can get you down and you can’t let it get you down or away from the plan.”

Veteran Mike Knuble is another possible player that could become the Caps spokesman in the locker room during the remaining 25 games.

A number of fans may wonder why captain Alex Ovechkin didn’t call the meeting, but as the article points out, Ovie tends to lead by example and since he’s slumped this year he probably isn’t the right guy to light a fire under his teammates.