Admittedly, I’ve never fan of fan of how the NFL operates. I can’t stand that they try to make it a year round league and refuse to let baseball get in even a half season without sticking it’s nose in everybody’s business.

To me, the preseason is nothing more than a way for the greedy, communistic league to charge full price to see the starters play just a quarter of a game.

With all of that being said, I attended last night’s preseason game against the Washington Redskins and for the first time this year I was ready for football.

I walked on the Ravens Walk , entered M&T Bank Stadium, watched practice, even got Steve Bisciotti’s autograph, but I just wasn’t feeling it until I sat in my seats in section 504 and looked at the Ring of Honor just before the team was introduced. 

By the time we were shouting “SUCKS” after the Redskins offensive was individually introduced, I felt like it was the middle of November. It’s amazing how that happens.

The crowd was still in preseason mode, it was a little quiet while the Ravens were on defense, but I was impressed to see the turn out.

I’ve complained numerous times here on BSR about how poor the fans are at Camden Yards. For whatever reason, the fans across the street are the real deal.