Ravens second year defensive tackle Arthur Jones doesn’t come from an ordinary family. Jones is the older brother of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones and Syracuse University’s defensive tackle Chandler Jones.

Arthur, “Bones” and Chandler recently talked with Sports Illustrated’s Jeff Wagenheim after a photo shoot in New York City about growing up in such an athletic family and the best athlete of the trio.

“Ever since we were little kids, we were always wrestling with each other and tearing up the house,” said Arthur, a Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle, speaking during a break in a New York City photo shoot featuring him, Jon and their younger brother, Chandler, a defensive tackle at Syracuse University. “We still wrestle for fun whenever we’re together. Just last night we were rolling around at our hotel. I think we’re going to be 45, 50, 60 years old and still wrestling with each other.”

Arthur told SI that Jon “never had” come out ahead in those wrestling matches. While that’s the typical answer to hear from an older brother, Jon did pay his respects to Arthur, saying he’s the best athlete in the family.

The Jones brothers have been training together during the NFL lockout and Jon has been promoting Arthur’s non-existent fighting career. Jon told Sergio Non of USA Today that Arthur’s wrestling is “way, way, way above” his own. “I was the second seed my whole career in wrestling because my brother was on my team,” Bones said.

While Arthur looks at keeping MMA an option, he says the training is for football. “Both sports are about leverage and being fluid in your movements,” he said.

Of course, Arthur Jones wouldn’t be the first Raven to pursue a career in the ring.