It’s week 14 of the the NFL season, which means for many that it’s fantasy football playoffs time.  Did you make it in?  Are you playing in a consolation bracket first next year’s top pick?  Either way I’m sure there are plenty of game day dilemmas.  With such high stakes you need to make sure your playing the right guys.  The Fantasy God is here to help.  Post any questions or comments that you may have below this article and The Fantasy God will answer them.

Make sure you start your studs for the playoffs.  The last thing you want to do is get knocked out because you had a hunch about James Jones and sat Calvin Johnson.  You also need to look for consistency.  It’s smart to start guys that have put up a certain number of points over the past few weeks.  Just like any other sport, fantasy football is a game of splits.  If a guy has done well over the last few weeks then it’s probably a good idea to start him.  If you have a guy who was pretty strong weeks ago, but has slipped as of late, then you probably don’t want to start that guy this week.  Go with guys who have higher probabilities of putting up points based on what they have done lately.

Also pay attention to splits against teams.  Last week I was big on Crabtree because he had very impressive career numbers against STL.  I was right about him and he ended up with 96 yds and a TD.  He is a good example again this week because of his success against ARI.  He averages 70 yds/gm against them and has scored in 2 of the 4 games he’s played them.  That means he should get at least 7 points in a non PPR with a chance to add TD points to that.  Combine that with his success lately and he becomes a solid risk for a WR #3 this week.

A few good pickups this week: Matt Moore, Dan Orlovsky, Kevin Kolb, Damian Williams, Marion Barber, Brandon Saine

Some guys that performed well last week that I wouldn’t touch this week are: Demaryius Thomas, Christian Ponder, Robert Meachem, Dexter McCluster, Golden Tate

Cut: Vince Young, Matt Forte, Fred Davis

Hold onto: Toby Gerhart- Peterson says he’s going to play this week, but it doesn’t mean that he will.  Just in case he doesn’t, hold onto Gerhart.  You don’t want to cut him too early and for no reason.

Post your questions/comments below and I’ll be sure to answer every one of them.

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