After reading Zach’s post on being sick of Boston championships and seeing how upset it got Boston sports fans, I can’t help but throw my two cents in on this one.  But Boston sports fans should know exactly how Baltimore fans feel when it comes to being bitter due to a championship drought (86 years in between Red Sox championships, 39 years for the Bruins, 22 years for the Celtics and 31 years for the New England Patriots stemming from when they joined the NFL in 1970).  So saying Baltimore fans are bitter and jealous and every other kind of derogatory comment you can write, of the city of Boston’s success is fine, because they are.  But before you go and start bashing another city’s sports fan for being bitter, take a look in the mirror.

I guarantee the same Boston fans that are now scanning every sports website they can get their hands on for Boston sports haters were the same ones bashing New York fans when the Yankees, and not the Red Sox, were winning multiple championships.  They were the same ones bashing all the other successful sports cities because there own was too inept and choked too many times when championships were on the line.  It’s alright though guys, you can bask in your glory now especially since you’ve waited so long to achieve it.  Just don’t bash someone you were at one point or another because he wants his city to win championships too.

Like I said, being bitter is fine.  Everyone has a little bitterness in their bones.  Nobody likes to see a person, a city, a team or anything for that matter achieve so much success while you sit on the back burner waiting for a reason to cheer for your own success.  It’s human nature.  But it’s going to make that first championship (obviously I’m talking about the O’s here because the Ravens are mostly always in the mix come playoff time), it’s going to be that much sweeter.  It’s tough to praise a winner when they keep winning and you haven’t won in what seems like forever.  But as I said, Boston fans had their fair share of being bitter of other city’s success.  So now that they’ve clustered their major sports championships together in a decade, they should probably gloat as much as they can while they can.

The sad thing for Baltimore sports fans, though, is that Boston’s future looks pretty bright considering the Patriots still have Belichick and Brady, the Red Sox are finally playing like a $160 million payroll should play, the Bruins have a nice core of young talent and the best goalie in the league and the Celtics still have the big three along with an emerging point guard.  Sorry to rub it in, but the bitterness looks to have no end in sight, for the short term at least.  That doesn’t mean you need to lose hope, though.  After all, anything can happen in sports.  It’s not likely, but it can.

So for now, Baltimore fans will just have to hope the Ravens will continue to build on the recent success they’ve had and pray that the O’s front office has finally figured out a way to put together a winning team.  And as for hating on Boston’s success, hate all you want.  Hating other city’s sports teams, especially rival cities, is what it’s all about.  What fun would it be if everyone got along and praised each other for winning?  And for all you Boston fans, enjoy the success while you have it.  You never know when your time in the spotlight is going to take another few decades off.  Meanwhile, let us Baltimore fans be as bitter as we want.

Submitted by Steve Giles