Rangers left wing Sean Avery told the media on Saturday that Brooks Laich bit him in a scrum that occured in Washington’s 3-1 series winner at the Verizon Center.  “Yeah, he did,” Avery told NorthJersey.com.  Laich denied the accusation.

“He was trying to eye gouge me, he was sticking his fingers in my mouth,” Laich told the Washington Post.

While there appears to be no photographic or video evidence of Avery’s claim, Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog posted a picture from the Post’s game five gallery that shows Matt Hendricks arm clearly being bitten by Avery earlier in the game.  “Maybe Avery is merely kissing the wrist,” Steinberg speculates.

“Pretty typical Avery, I guess,” Hendricks said following the game.

Whose side do you take?  I guess you can’t really believe anyone.  I’ll stick with the Caps fans and their awesome “Avery sucks” chant.