As you may know by now, Taylor Swift will be releasing the music video for her song “Bad Blood” on May 17th. With this news has come posters showcasing who will be in the music video, all with a certain theme.

Celebrities included in the video will include, but not limited to Zendaya, Hayley Williams *swoons*, Ellie Goulding, Lena Dunham, Kendrick Lamar, Jessica Alba, Mariska Hargitay, and many more. Buzzfeed has created a DIY-style poster creator to have yourself get in on the fun. Being that I am an Orioles fan and overall a quirky person, I put it to myself to make Orioles themed posters, nicknames and all.

Adam Jones as The Captain
bad blood adam jones

Zach Britton as The Closer
bad blood britton

Caleb Joseph as The Stopper
bad blood caleb joseph

Chris Davis as Crush
bad blood chris davis

Chris Tillman as Ace
bad blood chris tillman

Darren O’Day as Side Arm
bad blood darren oday

J.J. Hardy as The Veteran
bad blood jj hardy

Kevin Gausman as The Gasman
bad blood kevin gausman

Manny Machado as The Phenom
bad blood manny machado

Ryan Flaherty as The Utility Man
bad blood ryan flaherty

Steve Johnson as The Super Fan
bad blood steve johnson

Steve Pearce as Pearce’d
bad blood steve pearce

Tommy Hunter as The Boom
bad blood tommy hunter

Travis Snider as Lunchbox Hero
bad blood travis snider

Ubaldo Jimenez as The Dominican Destroyer
bad blood ubaldo

Last but not least, their leader…Buck Showalter as The General
bad blood showalter

Coming to a ballpark near you, soon.