Barry Barnes of AOL Fanhouse wrote an article detailing the Ravens playoff outlook for the remainder of the season and he stated that their journey “once viewed as a clear, good path, is suddenly a dark one.”

Barnes shows that the Ravens are still in great shape to make the playoffs, but that they were once the top dogs in the division and were looking at home field advantage had they have won against the Steelers last Sunday. Instead they own a tie breaker against the Dolphins and are set for their third straight playoff appearance, should they win three out of last last four games.  But that may prove more difficult than we had previously thought.

The Ravens head to Houston to take on the Texans. The Texans will be coming off 10 days of rest with more preparation for the Ravens and their playoffs dreams at stake. Houston struggles to stop teams, but they have firepower on offense.

The Saints come to Baltimore the following week and against the Ravens secondary, provided by the good protection for quarterback Drew Brees, New Orleans may dice Baltimore’s defense. Then there are the divisional rivals in the Browns who gave the Ravens trouble in their earlier matchup. Then they face the Bengals, who have had the Ravens’ number of late.

Barnes alluded that there may be a “possible storm” brewing in Baltimore, describing John Harbaugh’s recent comments to fans on his WBAL radio show.

Do you think the Ravens will win three out of their last four games and make the playoffs?