Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (8-8, 1-1 ACC)
Maryland Terrapins (11-4, 1-1 ACC)
Sunday Jan 15th 4pm Comcast Center, College Park, MD
Leading scorer: GT- Glen Rice Jr. 14.4ppg MD- Terrell Stoglin 21.3ppg
Last game : GT- def NC St 83-71 MD- def Wake 70.64

I am sure everyone remembers this from a two seasons ago … I know I do, it caused me to make facebook group(which was later deleted because he is terrible) called “I’m a sucker for Tucker” right after the shot went in, of course the adult beverages I had during the game also contributed. If this game comes down to a buzzer beater it will not make Maryland fans happy, then again, they are the Terps so you know they will make it close. The Yellow Jackets are coming off an impressive road win against NC St in their last game, but given the roller coaster ride that is the ACC, you can’t put too much stock in that. Georgia Tech has lost to likes of Tulane, Fordham and Mercer this year and lack any real scoring threat outside of Glen Rice Jr so the Terps will likely send the Jackets back to Atlanta with a loss. There are a couple of things however that give the Yellow Jackets a shot in this game. First is that the Maryland students are still on break, so the Comcast Center is likely to be as empty as Jessica Simpson’s head. Second, the Terps have had lengthy scoring droughts in every game this season, so despite the fact they average 65 points per game, its likely that they will be in the game throughout or have a chance to come back much like Wake Forest did against Maryland. I don’t see it happening but a Georgia Tech win wouldn’t be the craziest thing I have seen.

I know he plays defense about as well as Kim Kardashian picks her husband, but someone may want to tell Mark Turgeon that benching Terrell Stoglin is not the way to win games. It ended up not hurting them in the win loss column but if there is beef between Stoglin and Turgeon it better get squashed now or what is likely to be an average Terps season, could turn into a putrid one. Despite almost blowing a seventeen point lead and Stoglin not starting, there were some high points from the Wake Forest game that hopefully will continue Sunday. Sean Mosley looks to have “emerged” as the second scorer to Stoglin has he had another impressive outing and hopefully that continues all season. The second positive thing was Ashton Pankey’s performance which definitely was a major factor that led to the win. Pankey looks like he shows no fear banging inside and looks to be the only Terp that can hold his own on the glass. Pankey and the rest of the bench are key and its time for them to start stepping up. Pankey was impressive and I look to see if he builds on that Sunday.
Two predictions here, the first is that Alex Len won’t use his left hand or a hook shot…. (hopefully he doesn’t end up being like the last European seven footer to play in Washington DC and the second is that the Terps will win this game pretty easily. I expect a complete effort on the offensive and defensive sending Georgia Tech back to the A-T-L with their second ACC loss.
Terps 73 Tech 61
Bonus prediction:
Ravens 27- Texans 14, as I get to witness in person the first playoff win in Baltimore in 11 years.
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