Running back Bernard Pierce was a healthy scratch for the Ravens in week eight. Needless to say, things are a bit tense between him and the team.

During the broadcast of Thursday’s Ravens-Bengals game, Pierce was shown on the sideline with his arms crossed, chatting with Terrell Suggs. Some folks on the Ravens subreddit are attempting to read Pierce’s lips with one redditor commenting that Pierce seems to they that the he’s “movin, they (cuttin / tradin) my ass.”

There’s the GIF. You tell me.

I’ve watched this thing a million times and I can’t decide if I’m imagining him saying that because I read it or if he actually said.

Regardless, Pierce has acted a bit strange on Twitter. He recently changed his profile picture to a figure of him at Temple and tweeted back on October 14, “Realtor needed ASAP.”

That tweet has since been deleted.