Joe Flacco hopes that no one wins Super Bowl 46, Bernard Pollard hopes that the Giants mercilessly pound the Patriots.  Perhaps that isn’t a direct quote, but I don’t think Pollard would disagree based on his interview with KILT in Houston.

“My opinion? I really hope the Giants – I just hope they just put a thrashing on the Patriots. I really do,” Pollard said according to the transcription from Sports Radio Interviews.  “To lose to a team like that the way we played. We played a good game.”

Pollard has quickly become one of the most hated players in the New England area after he sidelined Tom Brady for an entire season and knocked Rob Gronkowski out for a series on Sunday.

“Oh man that is fine and dandy. Like I said to a lot of people it is part of the game and this is what happens. If you don’t like it? So what. I am going to go out there and I am going to play me.”

I like this guy more and more every day.