It’s safe to say that the Ravens have been through their share of questionable activity over the years. As we speak, former Raven Michael McCrary is having to deal with a restraining order placed on him by his wife. A few weeks earlier, we were hearing crazy things about Terrell Suggs.

With that in mind, how do we approach the sexual assault charges against Big Ben?

This is the 2nd time within a year that this has happened to the guy. At the very least, the dude is hanging out with sketchy characters. At the most, it could spell doom for the face of the Ravens most hated rivals.

Honestly, if this guy has a problem, I hope he gets help. This is not good for him or his team or the league. I would hate to see the Steelers suffer because of this guy’s off the field issues. I want the Steelers to suffer because the Ravens are the superior team and are dominating the division.