Even after his Joe Flacco comments this winter, the Sports Guy just gained a number of fans in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area with the simple changing of a Twitter avatar.  Bill Simmons of ESPN’s Grantland.com change his Twitter picture to an icon that reads “Duke Sucks” in reaction to the University’s response to his credential request.  The Sports Guy explained.

Duke wouldn’t credential Grantland for Saturday’s UNC-Duke game. I already hated Duke but was diplomatic about it… no more. IT IS ON!”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for publicly ripping Duke, but my love/hate relationship with Simmons kind of has me rooting against him on this one.  I know that most sports franchises do not honor credential requests from websites, so I’m not surprised that Simmons was shot down by Duke and it’s kind of funny to see him shutout.

But anybody that works in the media that shouts “Duke Sucks” to 1,640,340 people has to receive some love from Maryland, right?