Former Ravens‘ Head Coach Brian Billick had some interesting comments about Steve McNair‘s death with WNST 1570 AM today.

“That is unfortunate because Steve was a man who did so many good things in both this community and in Nashville that deserves to be thought of in better terms,” Billick stated.

“It’s a life lesson for all of us that all it takes is conduct in a certain way to wipe all that out. It will never remove the good things that he did with his life, but how he’s perceived by the fans — whether that has value or not — that’s irrecoverable. That asterisk is always going to be attached to it because of the tragic way his life ended.”

Billick coached McNair both of the seasons he was in Baltimore. He’s a Super Bowl Champion coach and I’ve always been a fan of his style and personality.

I have no issue with his comments, do you?