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No excuses this time. It’s really Episode 100! OK, it might not actually be #100, but you’ll have to bear with us as we round up. Or down. Or… whatever.  Recorded at Dempsey’s Brewpub and Restaurant, this very special episode includes a few new guests, and some familiar segments.

Before we get started, a few thanks:

  • Thanks to Rebecca Parrish and the team at Dempsey’s for their hospitality (and awesome happy hour).
  • Thanks to Jeff Lantz and the Orioles for making this episode possible.
  • Thanks to Steve Roth of DJ Birdman, for coming through on the unenviable task of trying to make us sound good in person.
  • Thanks to Zach Wilt and the rest of our Baltimore Sports Report Network sister wives, for their support.
  • Lastly, thanks to listeners and friends of the program, for making this show fun to produce, even 100 episodes later.


After a quick stop off to recognize Dempsey’s contributions to our Drink of the Week, it’s time for the TWotT (This Week on the Twitters):


The Last #BrianRobertsWatch?

Brian Roberts has officially retired. There is nothing else to watch. It’s the end of an era, here at Bird’s Eye View.


The Orioles Speak


As a part of the live event at Dempsey’s, the Orioles were kind enough to make a few members of the organization available for interviews. Because they did not have better sense, we were joined by:


Greg Bader, Vice President of Communications and Marketing

  • The difference between speaking for a team that’s winning 96 wins, rather than 66.
  • What does the 20-game season ticket plan mean for 13-game plan holders?
  • The impact of dynamic/variable pricing in 2014 and moving forward.
  • The impact of the Nationals on the Orioles’ territory, and the Orioles’ marketing efforts in DC.
  • Baseball’s adaptation to new and social media.

Nicole McFadyen, Head Groundskeeper

  • Off season care of the field.
  • The players’ role in caring for the field.
  • Natural crushed stone warning track: how is it performing after two years?
  • Tales from the grounds crew: when the tarp simply won’t cooperate.
  • Remembering the 2014 Clinchmas celebration.
  • Scott’s asks about his Batter’s Eye ivy envy.

Adam Gladstone, Replay Coordinator

  • Replay coordination – differences between home/away.
  • Coordination with MASN and FOX/ESPN.
  • Rule changes, past and present.
  • Feasibility of integrating sound into replay.
  • The Paranoid Man reviews the Orioles’ luck in replay reviews.
  • Calling an audible on replay reviews by Buck Showalter.


2014 in Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


BSRN sister-wife Zach Wilt joined the guys to review their Good, Bad, and Ugly.



Notes and Nags

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